Emma Robert and Chord Overstreet Dating Again

Emma Roberts And Chord Overstreet Dating Again

Are Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet dating? All signs point to yes after the former couple were outed once again by an insider. Chord and Emma start dating during the Coachella Music Festival in 2011 but broke up nine months later in January 2012.

Speaking to E! News a source close to the couple reveals:

“They are back together. Ultimately they enjoy spending time together and they wanted to give it another shot. They make each other laugh and they are both very supportive of one another’s successes.”

Apparently the 21-year-old Emma Roberts reunited with the 23-year-old Chord Overstreet two weeks ago but they have been keeping their reconciliation on the down low as they try to figure everything out.

While they haven’t come out and announced they are back together the celebrity couple have been spotted all over the place including Venice, California on Sunday where they attended an Easter service together in Beverly Hills.

That same source says the couple has decided not to label their newly rediscovered relationship and instead will take things “day by day” and try to figure out what the next step will be.

Young couple’s in Hollywood have a tendency to bounce around from one relationship to another, never looking back, it will be interesting to see how well a young Hollywood relationship that has already failed the test of time once will stack up in the high paced world of celebrity dating.

Do you think Chord Overstreet and Emma Roberts make a cute couple or will they be sending each other packing in the near future?