One Direction Fans Dismissed By Simon Cowell Over Zayn Malik Coming Back

Will Zayn Malik return to One Direction? There are still many fans that have not given up on One Direction reuniting — but Simon Cowell might be rolling his eyes over June’s trending rumor.

During the middle of June, fans wanted Zayn Malik to be put on the spot about whether or not he would return to One Direction. His indirect response to the Twitter One Direction fan frenzy about the hashtag #ZaynIsComingBack was sad for fans.

Unfortunately, as Hollywood Life reports that an insider says, “Zayn won’t return to One Direction, and certainly not before he can prove to himself and the doubters that he can forge a successful career on his own.”

The Mirror U.K. noted that many fans got mixed messages about One Direction reuniting — thanks to June tweets from Simon Cowell. They report, “First, [One Direction fans] assumed Simon Cowell’s tweets from June, saying he had ‘lots to tell everyone,’ was about Zayn and One Direction, and then it got even weirder.”

UnReality T.V. adds that following Simon Cowell’s tweets, “It was rumored last week that Zayn was considering making a return to One Direction for the forthcoming North American legs of their On The Road Again tour.”

This misconception may have been based on something Niall Horan said when he was interviewed with One Direction. In that interview with Rolling Stone that was published on June 12, One Direction’s Niall Horan states the following information that fans might also have found confusing in relationship to Zayn Malik.

“We have a few surprises [for July’s North American tour leg]. Most importantly, we will be rehearsing new songs which we are very excited to perform live for the first time.”

Another source of the #ZaynIsComingBack trend, according to the Business Standard, is that “Rumors began circulating that the star was returning to the band when his Twitter biography was allegedly restored to the band’s official website.”

What is the official word on the street — and is there some truth in One Direction reunion rumors? To clarify, Simon Cowell reached out to the media to explain the current state of Zayn Malik and One Direction.

The Metro U.K. reports Simon Cowell said the following on June 16.

“Well, I don’t think they’ll [One Direction] ever be over it completely because they started off as a five piece, so they’re always going to miss him…. You’ve got to dig deep and you rely on each other… In a weird way they kind of got stronger through it.”

For hopeful One Direction fans that want the band to get back together, it appears that #ZaynIsComingBack is officially not true — yet.

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