Chloe Cross: High School Senior Uses Epic Yearbook Quote To Slam School For ‘Sexist’ Dress Code

High school quotes are commonly considered a moment of reflection while embracing the future. Well, one San Mateo High School Student did just that, but her idea of reflecting didn’t exactly highlight fond memories.

According to the Daily Buzz, Chloe Cross was absolutely fed up with the sexism she’s allegedly suffered during her four years of high school. But, instead of voicing her frustrations by contacting local news outlets, she took the time to take a different approach.

On May 19, she took to Tumblr and Instagram with an image of her senior yearbook picture and quote. The quote reads,

“I would just like to apologize to those who were unable to graduate with the class of 2015 because they were too distracted by my midriff and consequently failed all of their classes! XOXO.”

The yearbook photo and catchy quote caught the attention of Hunger Games actress Amandla Steinberg on Tumblr. Once Steinberg reblogged the photo, it went viral on the social network. During a recent interview with Yahoo! Canada, Cross revealed why she felt compelled to make her sentiments known. Although Cross has reportedly faced opposition throughout high school, her ability to have the quote printed in the yearbook is an amazing feat in itself. Cross credited an unnamed classmate who happened to be on the yearbook staff for making it all possible.

Chloe Cross

Although sexism has been a problem the entire time she was in high school, she didn’t notice the extent of the problem until some time last year.

“I really didn’t start to notice how awful the dress code was until last year, and how sexist the enforcement is. Fellow students have been quietly expressing discontent over the illogical rules and unfair punishment, but few of us have actually spoken to the administration about it and made an attempt to explain why people were so disgruntled. The girls at my school suffer the most, especially those that have long legs or larger chests. Girls are being objectified and sexualized every day by teachers and the administration, and even though people aren’t always talking about it I definitely think it is always a problem.”

The sarcastic apology has an air of humor that many social media users have found comical, but Cross insists the daunting situation is definitely not a laughing matter, reports AOL.

“My quote was not a joke; although it was worded in a sarcastic and humorous way, I was truly trying to get a message across about sexism in my school (and others) and how genuinely stupid I find the defense of the dress code to be. I wanted to leave behind something meaningful and important to me as my senior quote, so that people would remember me as the girl who gave the administration hell until the last possible moment.”

Cross’ grand exit has made quite a statement that many have readers have applauded nationwide. Many social media users have taken Twitter to commend Cross for speaking out.

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[Image via Instagram]