Robin Williams’ Widow, Susan, Accused Of Using ‘Delaying Tactics’ In Battle Over Estate

After several court hearings, Robin William’s wife Susan Williams and his adult children from previous marriages namely Zachary, Zelda, and Cody Williams are still at odds over some of the late comedian’s estate.

When Robin died in August, he left thousands of personal items which his wife and children were able to divide except for some of his clothing which Susan requested to keep.

According to Susan’s attorney James Wagstaffe, the late comedian’s wife would like to keep her husband’s slippers, T-shirts, and some boxer shorts. She also asked the court if she could keep the tuxedo Robin wore to their wedding. No decision has been made yet regarding Susan’s petition.

Moreover, Robin left his Tiburon home to Susan and instructed that she will be given enough money to maintain it through her lifetime. Since no definite amount was indicated, both parties are at odds about how much money the actor’s widow should be receiving.

Both parties have to reach a settlement by July as last Monday, during their latest trial, a California judge gave their lawyers only two months to iron out the conflict between their clients. Likewise, the recent trial over Robin’s estate got a little heated when lawyers of the late comedian’s children accused Susan’s camp of using “delaying tactics.”

During the trial, Susan’s attorneys requested for a second appraisal of Robin’s Tiburon home, which was questioned by the lawyer for Robin’s estate Andrew Bassak.

Bassak told the judge that he feels “at sea” with the second appraisal. He was worried that Susan and the children could not reach an agreement any time soon.

The lawyer representing the late comedian’s children also had the same worries. She pointed out that Susan’s legal team was using delaying tactics saying, “We’ve waited a long time already.”

However, Wagstaffe defended Susan by ignoring the allegations of both lawyers. He asserted that his client was “an emotionally grieving widow who is trying to honor her husband.” He related how painful it was for Susan to watch as trucks rolled up to Robin’s Tiburon home where she is currently living in to remove her late husband’s items.

He also described Susan’s requests as a “small bucket of water from a lake” saying that Robin had left his three children and wife over $100 million. His children also received money from the sale of his Napa County home and property.

Both parties will meet in court again on July 29 for a status update.

[Image by Theo Wargo, Getty Images]