Obama Issues Warning To China About South China Sea Reclamation Efforts

U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday warned the Chinese government that it should stop trying to expand their country’s borders in the the South China Sea, CBS news reported. China has been building artificial islands in the middle of the South China Sea in order to reclaim much of the vital sea route, as reported by the Inquisitr. President Obama talked about China’s actions in the South China Sea.

“We think that land reclamation, aggressive actions by any party in that area are counterproductive… China is going to be successful. It’s big, it’s powerful, its people are talented and they work hard. And it may be some of their claims are legitimate… But they shouldn’t just try to establish that based on throwing elbows and pushing people out of the way.”

The Chinese government has also begun building airstrips on the newly formed artificial islands. The islands are built by dredging up sand and earth from the bottom of the sea and piling it to form as small piece of land.

China’s efforts to reclaim parts of the South China Sea have caused disputes with neighboring nations that use the vital sea route to trade in billions of dollars of goods. President Obama talked about the issues in the region.

“If you start losing that approach and suddenly conflicts arise and claims are made based on how big the country is or how powerful its navy is instead of based on law, then I think Asia will be less prosperous and the Pacific region will be less prosperous.”

President Obama went on to explain that the United States holds no territorial claim of any portion of the South China Sea. Obama, though, still called upon other nations in Southeast Asia to use their power in the region to stop China’s endeavors for reclamation. Obama talked about the South China Sea.

“We’re not parties in the dispute… But we do have a stake in making sure that they’re resolved peacefully, diplomatically in accordance with internationally established standards. And for that reason we think that land reclamation, aggressive actions by any party in that area are counterproductive.”

China, though, says that the United States should stop concerning itself in Chinese concerns. The Chinese government says that they are within their rights to build artificial islands in the South China Sea. Hua Chunying, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, talked about the United States’ interactions with China.

“[U.S. is] making absurd remarks about China’s long-established sovereignty and rights, stirring up trouble and slinging accusations regarding China’s appropriate and rational construction activities on its islands. China resolutely opposes this.”

[Photo Credit: Feng Li/ Getty Images News]