Zynga Purchases ‘Draw Something’ Maker Omgpop For $180 Million

Draw Something, a smartphone game by Omgpop which quickly became the most popular game on Facebook since its release, has proven once again that in the fast-paced world of technology start-ups, those with a good idea can go from rags to riches in a short period of time. As was the case with Draw Something’s makers Omgpop, who were purchased by social games giant Zynga Inc. last week for an astounding $180 million.

Zynga, a company perhaps best recognized for their hit social games such as FarmVille and Words With Friends, claims that the Draw Something game has been downloaded in excess of 35 million times since the game was released on February 6, 2012.

Charles Forman founded the New York-based company behind the Draw Something game and it wasn’t exactly what you might have in mind. The company, Omgpop, originally started out as a dating website at which users could auction themselves. In regards to the original website which started it all, Forman was quoted by the NY Times saying:

“The entire company started as a joke, honestly.”

Eventually, Forman decided to capitalize his dating website’s audience by converting the website into a game site which was then renamed Omgpop.

Omgpop was able to raise $17 million in investment capital to fuel the creation of roughly 35 games. Up until now, the company appeared to be well on track to running out of money later this year. Were it not for the incredible success of Draw Something, the company could have very well been shut down.

While Forman had no direct involvement in the development of the Draw Something game, perhaps due to his leaving the company a year ago, he did maintain his stake in the company which has left with what he says is “way more” than $22 million. Forman was quoted saying:

“I had $1,700 in my bank account yesterday, and now I have a whole lot more.”

What do you think of Zynga’s recent acquisition of Omgpop and Charles Forman’s overnight success?

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