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Matthew Perry Joins ‘The Good Wife’ Tonight [Video]

Matthew Perry will make his debut on “The Good Wife” tonight at 8 P.M. on CBS. Tonight’s episode, “Blue Ribbon Panel,” will be the first of many appearances for the former “Friends” star who will play chairman of a blue ribbon panel that Julianna Marguilies has been assigned to in order to investigate a police shooting.

The Television Blog reports that Matthew’s character, Mike Kresteva, and Alicia don’t exactly get along during tonight’s episode of “The Good Wife.” Alicia is trying to get to the bottom of the shooting but Kresteva isn’t too eager to find the truth.

In real life, however, Perry is a big fan of Marguilies. The “Friends” star apparently won his role on “The Good Wife” after he told Marguillies that it was his favorite show on television.

Marguilies said:

“He came up to me and said ‘ I love your show it’s the best show on television I’d love to be on it…’ So I called up the producers and said I think Matthew Perry would be great in this role.”

Marguilies said that Perry almost regretted taking the role since his character has to speak a lot of legal jargon. Here’s a video of Julianna Marguilies talking about Matthew Perry joining “The Good Wife.”

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