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Man Arrested After Driving Dodge Magnum So Fast That Another Driver Felt Like He Was Going In Reverse

A 21-year-old man from Lincoln Park was pulled over and arrested by Michigan State Police for driving so fast that a man, who called 911 to report the excessive and dangerous speed, told the dispatcher that he felt as though he was driving in reverse. The young man was arrested at 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning in a business parking lot on Eureka Road. The officer with the Michigan State Police said the driver was clocked driving 153 mph.

The man was driving a 2005 Dodge Magnum at 153 mph when he passed the police officer on northbound Interstate 75 in Woodhaven, Michigan. Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw said the driver’s speed was especially dangerous because the road is well-traveled, according to Click On Detroit.

“The individual that called (911) said that it felt like he was going in reverse — that’s how fast the vehicle was going when it passed him. That wasn’t on the freeway. That was actually on Eureka Road itself.”

“They clocked a vehicle proceeding 79 in a 70 mile an hour zone,” Lt. Shaw told WWJ-TV.

“As the troopers turned around on the vehicle to effect a traffic stop, the vehicle was clocked on their moving radar at approximately a mile down the road from where they first initially saw him, at 153 miles an hour.”

The young man driving the Dodge Magnum told the officer that he was on his way home. Police say the man had a previously clean record. He offered no explanation for his excessive speed. He faces reckless driving charges, six points on his Michigan driver’s licence and up to 93 days in jail.

“Speeding is one of the major factors in crashes in the metro area,” Lt. Shaw explained. “This is the first time that we’ve actually had a car going at that speed, so I’m quite sure there are some aftermarket parts that allowed that vehicle to go that fast.”

Lt. Shaw said Michigan roads “are not designed for 150 miles an hour, and most of our drivers probably aren’t professionally trained to drive at that speed.”

Some people aren’t buying that the man was actually going 153 mph though.

“The restrictor was removed from the computer. That said I doubt if just computer tuning would gain another ten mph at top speed unless the motor itself was modified as in a cam, larger mass airflow, larger fuel injectors, etc,” one reader wrote. “Horsepower has to drastically increase to overcome the drag at those speeds. A more likely scenario is the cops radar was out of calibration in favor of the police, it’s a common practice in order to write more tickets.”

The 2005 Magnum comes from the factory with a top speed restricted to 130 mph. Without the speed restrictor, the 2005 Dodge Magnum could hit 143 mph, according to Fox News.

[Photo via Michigan State Police Facebook]