Ellie and Dougie look alike

Ellie Goulding And Dougie Poynter Morphing Into One Person: Dellie

Ellie Goulding’s sexy legs look great in — or out of — just about anything, but Ellie’s new look is a cute matchy-match with boyfriend Dougie Poynter. Ellie and Dougie showed up to a Net-A-Porter party on May 13 dressed so much alike that some Ellie Goulding watchers think Ellie and Dougie might be turning into the same person.

Ellie Goulding and Douglas Poynter Same Person

Dellie is looking good for a two in one!

Fans can’t help noticing as the couple move past great coordination and well into identical twin land. Twitter is all over it, with tweets saying Goulding and Poynter “look like twins,” and that “it’s scary how much they look alike.”

Ellie, who was a guest of honor at the party, wore a nude beige floral lattice crop top and satin shorts. Dougie was perfectly coordinated in a long patterned shirt, and his usual big brown hat. Even their hair was nearly identical, with both Ellie and Dougie looking hot in a similar messy shoulder length style. The look is easy to do now, since Ellie chopped off her surfer babe locks a couple of months ago to match Dougie’s messy hair.

The Sun went so far as to label the couple “Two Peas in a Pod” and offer a pretend award for a couple who “walk about London looking identical.”

The slow blend of one of the world’s favorite celebrity couples has been going on for awhile. Once Dougie and Ellie finally went public with their relationship about a year ago, the romance began heating up steadily. A series of cuter-than-cute selfies and increasingly similar outfits won fans’ affection and the title of “perfect couple.”

Peas in a Pod and Matching Prints

There are some people who think it might have gone too far. Cosmopolitan writer Lucy Wood wonders if some makeup and facial hair might turn Ellie into Dougie and Dougie into Ellie!

“A smudge of guyliner for Dougie, a smattering of facial hair for Ellie and we probably wouldn’t be able to tell who’s who.”

Dougie and Ellie don’t seem to mind if not everyone is as happy about their couplehood as they are. They’re clearly having a lot of fun with their look alike, and their affection for each other is obvious in every selfie they post, but one thing they did was pure romance. No, it wasn’t wedding rings — it was tattoo rings. Ellie and Dougie now sport inch-long skull-and-crossbones tattoos on their middle fingers.

Those hands look a lot alike. A lot. Not proof positive that Ellie and Dougie are morphing into Dellie, but a fan has to wonder!

[Images via her.ie, The Sun, Now Magazine]