Carrie Underwood’s Husband: Photo Of Baby Isaiah Has People Going Crazy On Social Media

Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, shared an adorable photo on his Instagram that now has people talking on social media. According to E! Online, the snapshot showed him cuddling with his new little man, and he is shirtless in the photo.

Isaiah was born in February, and he is the first child for both Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher. The couple has not hidden their happiness over the new arrival. Carrie and Mike have both talked about the little boy since he was born, and they have expressed their joy at being new parents.

Carrie is currently enjoying a break from her touring schedule, but she will return to the stage in about six weeks, according to Taste of Country.

Carrie Underwood has not been taking it easy after giving birth though. She is spending her time raising the little man and working on a new album at the same time. This would be her fifth studio album, and she hopes to release it by the end of the year.

Carrie did manage to take a beach break earlier this month though. She went on vacation and spent some time on the beach. During the trip, she shared some selfies on her Instagram. One of the selfies she called “lame.”

However, it showed off that she managed to get back in shape following the birth of her son. It has been less than three months since his arrival, and she has clearly managed to lose the baby weight. Her figure was also shown off in a special performance shared on Yahoo! Music for the CMT Awards. shared the video of an acoustic performance of “Little Toy Guns” on Friday. Carrie Underwood leads in nominations for the event that will take place in Nashville on June 10. She has five nominations. Several songs from her greatest hits album, Greatest Hits: Decade #1, are up for awards. “Little Toy Guns” is nominated in the best female video category.

Carrie is definitely ready for new music, and she has one special song she plans to include. She revealed that she plans to write a song that will celebrate her new little boy. According to Christian Post, the singer is ready to sing about her love for him.

“I just kind of feel a little sad ’cause all my songs are about having girls. Like, little boy baby Fisher’s got nothin’. Even ‘Forever Changed,’ which is one of my favorite songs, is definitely like a mother/daughter kind of a song, so… I’m gonna have to get on that.”

The work has already begun, and Isaiah has been in the studio with mom. She has even played him some of her new tunes, and she revealed that he smiled throughout while listening to the new material.

As for Mike Fisher, he has spoken about being a dad and his love for baby Isaiah since his birth as well, according to Christian Today.

“It really, truly is a miracle from God that happens that is so cool. The first thing you think about now after a month is how much more you appreciate your parents and their love for you. Ultimately, I believe God the Father, His love for us changes the whole picture. It’s a lot more vivid.”

However, Mike did have one problem after the birth of his son. Isaiah arrived during hockey season. Fish is a center for the Nashville Predators, and he did have to spend some time away from Carrie and the little man to play. Carrie did send him plenty of photos, but a photo is never the same. He shared a bit about that difficulty as well.

“You come back from eight days, and it’s like, holy cow, he changed so much. It’s crazy how fast it goes. You almost want to slow down time a little bit.”

When he returns home, Fisher admits that he likes to nap with the little boy in his recliner. Fisher’s team did make it to the playoffs this season, but they were knocked out in the last round. Now, Fisher can spend some quality time at home with his wife and their little boy.

Fans did go crazy over the cute photo of Isaiah and Mike on Twitter. Some shared their thoughts on the adorable pic on the social media site.

What do you think of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s latest photo share?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]