Ronda Rousey No To Fighting A Man

Ronda Rousey Will Never Fight A Man, And Has The Best Reason For It

Ronda Rousey has had to field a lot of unusual questions since skyrocketing to fame with the now-defunct Strikeforce promotion and becoming the UFC’s first ever female champion.

But one of the questions that has persisted is also one of the most disturbing. Why won’t Ronda fight a man?

The logic goes something like this: she’s beaten all the women, who have challenged her and no longer has anyone in the organization to fight. So why not go head-to-head with a man in her weight class?

While it would certainly produce some extraordinary pay-per-view buys — and Ronda Rousey herself has fueled speculation with statements like being able to beat “100 percent” of the male fighters in her weight class via Bloody Elbow — she is now killing the idea of it once and for all.

Her reasoning is sound, and no, it has nothing to do with being afraid to take a punch from a man.

Speaking to Yahoo News and Finance anchor Bianna Golodryga, she had this to say.

“I just don’t think there should ever be a situation where there is an arena full of people gathered around cheering about a man hitting a woman. I really don’t see how that would be right. I really don’t see how that would help the sport at all. It would do nothing but hurt it.”

When Golodryga asked Rousey to clarify how that could hurt the sport of MMA, Ronda responded, “Because it’s real. It’s a real fight. It’s not like it’s a movie or a part of a storyline. It’s an actual man hitting a woman and I don’t think that’s ever acceptable.”

You get a sense from the statement that Ronda Rousey doesn’t have a problem with a man hitting her in MMA competition per se, but that she’s more concerned with the overall possibility of inadvertently promoting domestic violence and hurting the sport she loves so much.

As the interview continues, it’s clear that Rousey has more than just her own legacy in mind, but the legacy of a sport that has been good to her and women in general.

She points out that unlike the WNBA and other women’s sports, MMA has “removed the label.” In the UFC, Rousey said, she isn’t the women’s bantamweight champion. She’s just the bantamweight champion.

“There doesn’t need to be that distinction,” she added.

While some of you may be disappointed that Ronda has taken MMA fighting a man off the table, you may still one day get to see her “compete” against one if the WWE has its way.

The company utilized her for a hip toss on Triple H at WrestleMania 31, and is said to be working on an angle for her to come back even though UFC President Dana White has said it isn’t going to happen.

Do you think Ronda Rousey has a good point with her refusal to fight a man? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Huffington Post]