Mother Who Gave Birth On The Same Day As Kate Middleton Twice Beat The Odds Of Two Million To One

A 35-year-old mother from Birmingham in the UK beat odds of nearly two million to one by giving birth to a baby on the same day as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, not once but twice!

Having just given birth to her second child, a daughter, Monika Tano, was thrilled that Kate also had a girl.

The new arrival, already named Aurelia, was born just six hours before the Duchess gave birth, while Monika’s first child was born on the same day as Prince George in 2013.

While Kate Middleton has a relatively easy, straightforward delivery, it was quite a different story for Monika in Birmingham who gave birth on the floor of her living room with only her partner on hand to assist her.

When paramedics did finally arrive at her house, she and the baby were taken to hospital for monitoring.

When Monika was told that the Duchess had also given birth on that day, she talked to reporters.

“It is a huge coincidence, I just can’t believe it. At about 3am I was sending pictures of Aurelia to people and then at 7am I started getting messages from people saying Kate was in labour. I was still in hospital and checked the news on my phone and couldn’t believe it when she had her baby daughter too.”

Monika, Polish national living in Britain, had more to say.

“Aurelia was born exactly on 39 weeks and was due next Saturday so was a week early and I believe Kate’s baby is a week late so I never thought it would happen again. When I got pregnant, people joked that it could happen but we thought it was so unlikely we forgot all about it. It feels amazing to have two children who share royal births, it is just fantastic.”

Bookmakers in Britain said the chances of Monika giving birth on the same day as Kate Middleton twice were at 1,880,000/1 to 2,000,000/1.

[Image via thesun.co.uk]