Royal Baby Girl

It’s A Girl! Kate Middleton Delivers Royal Baby Princess: What’s Her Name?

The royal baby has finally arrived! Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, delivered a baby girl on Saturday morning. After days of waiting for the news, Kensington Palace announced that Kate was in labor in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. Hours later, the royal baby girl’s arrival at 8:34 a.m. (London time) was announced amidst cheers outside Paddington’s St. Mary’s Hospital.

According to People, the Duchess and her husband, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, arrived at the hospital at approximately 6 a.m. to welcome their second child into the world. St. Mary’s is the same hospital Kate delivered the couple’s first child, Prince George, who will be 2-years-old in July.

What is the royal baby’s name, and how much did she weigh? Those are two of the biggest questions surrounding the princess’s birth today. Perez Hilton announced that the baby girl weighed in at a healthy eight lb. three oz. but her name will not be revealed until she is introduced to the Queen. Her official title will be Her Royal Highness, Princess of Cambridge.

An official announcement, including the baby’s name, will be posted at Buckingham Palace shortly, so expect that information to be forthcoming. The Telegraph set up a video feed at the hospital outside St. Mary’s hospital prior to the Duchess’s labor, and the feed will continue until Kate and William leave the hospital with their new daughter.

Royal baby watchers got to see the new Princess late in the day on Saturday after little Prince George visited with his new sister. The Duke and Duchess were happy to show off the baby to the media and their adoring fans, stepping out of the Lido Wing doors to a round of applause.

CNN reports that the royal couple’s new baby will be fourth-in-line to the throne, pushing William’s brother, Prince Harry, to fifth place.

“Prince Harry’s ascension to the throne was a long shot, anyway. The second child of royal parents is known as ‘spare heir.’ Traditionally, they were expected to rule if an older sibling died or could not become king or queen.”

This story is still developing. Check back for updates, including the name of the new royal baby girl.

[Image: Neil Mockford, Getty Images]