SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 21: Actress Rebecca Grant arrives at "Tucker & Dale Vs Evil" Red Carpet at Arts & Cinema Centre on July 21, 2011 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

‘Boob Grabber’ Viral Star Gets Big Action Film Break After Embarrassing Video

Viral sensation Rebecca Grant became famous for grabbing her breasts on live television at a Clippers game. After a second embarrassing moment where the infamous “boob grabber” had a brief meltdown on TV, Rebecca Grant’s unnecessary fame is finally paying off. Thanks to the viral “boob grabber” video, Grant has gotten two big breaks in the entertainment industry.

According to Fox News, the video clip of her adjusting herself in the crowd at a basketball game was seen by millions of people, which was apparently enough to get her a gig in an action film called Gun Girls. Even better, the “boob grabber” will be the star of an entire series.

“I’m doing an action series that I’m really excited about called Gun Girls,” Grant explained. “It’s a little bit sadistic, it’s a little bit on the dark side… [My character] doesn’t necessarily use guns. She’ll use anything from staples to scissors.”

It may have taken a year, but being the notorious Clippers boob grabber paid off in double. Rebecca Grant also got an offer from the Game Show Network, where she will be part of a brand new show premiering on the Game Show Network YouTube channel.

“I’m doing a show called ‘Which Is Worse?’ It’s very fun and its going to be on Game Show Network’s YouTube Channel, Door 3, premiering the first week of June.”

According to the Daily Mail, offers from skin care companies and fitness campaigns came pouring in immediately after the boob grabber video went viral. But it took Rebecca a year to sort through the offers and find one that suited her ambitions.

“I really don’t want to be known as the boob grabber.”

Even though her extreme Clippers fandom got her embarrassing moment broadcast to millions of viewers and earned her the nickname “boob grabber,” Rebecca Grant is still a die-hard fan. She’s even using her boob grabber fame to show continued support of her favorite team. She plans to upload videos to the internet of herself supporting the Clippers from her home.

“I like to engage fans on social media,” said Rebecca. “I’ll do different kinds of Clippers videos, different pictures, get the team riled up.”

Despite using the viral video to get her first big break, Rebecca “boob grabber” Grant is no stranger to show business. Before the notorious Clippers game, she was a lesser-known TV host for Fox Sports and ESPN.

While she might finally be grateful that the clip went viral, Rebecca says she’s very cautious not to become an overnight internet sensation all over again.

“I’m a lot more conscious of that,” she said. “I’m not doing anything like that at games whatsoever anymore.”

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