Matt Shaner - Pittsburgh Power AFL Football Team

Entire Arena Football Team Fired Following Wage Dispute

Pittsburgh Power owner Matt Shaner may possibly be the biggest jerk in semi-professional sports. Following an AFL wage dispute between players and the league’s players union the coach fired his players while they were in Orlando and then left them to find their own way home.

Shaner was eating dinner with his players at an Orlando Olive Garden when he announced that they were all fired. Power center Beau Elliott tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

“Mid-statement, all the players got up and left… Every player got up and left while he was still talking. There were 15 to 20 angry, large individuals.”

The AFL Player’s Association was demanding a 300 percent increase in the leagues current $400 per game payment structure for which AFL owners offered a $100 raise.

After firing all of his players some split from the union and rejoined the team in time for Pittsburgh to win Saturday nights game 40-26 in front of 13,000 fans. Members from the Predators were also released before the game.

With replacement players in tow the teams completed their game although announcers reportedly didn’t know the names of some players who replaced the teams starting roster.

Adding insult to injury players not only had to find their own way home, they had to pay for that transportation with the pittance they had earned in prior games.

Do you think the way Matt Shaner acted towards his players was completely disrespectful?