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Texas Woman Hit By Stray Bullet From Mexico

Ciudad Juarez Mexico

In a strange event that’s not likely to happen again anytime soon a stray bullet from the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico traveled across the United States border and hit a female who was shopping in downtown El Paso, Texas.

Immediately following the incident the city’s mayor John Cook urged citizens to remain calm over the incident telling the El Paso Times:

“People get struck by lightning, too, and that doesn’t make us stay indoors when there is a rainstorm.”

The believed accidental shooting took place half-a-mile from the U.S.-Mexico border, the same location where a carjacking was reported during the same time period.

It wasn’t just El Paso, Texas residents feeling the danger of the bullet, three schools in Ciudad Juarez were put on lockdown following the incident.

Police Chief Greg Allen told CBS affiliate KDBC-TV:

“We had a lady grazed by a stray bullet we (believed could) be from Mexico during a gun battle where a carjacking was perceived to be taking place.”

The 48-year-old mother was shot while pushing her baby in a stroller. The bullet passed right through the mothers leg after striking her upper right calf.

Bullets from the Mexican city have struck various buildings in El Paso, Texas over the years but this is the first reported case in which a person was hit by a stray bullet from the region.

Do you think a wall needs to be erected between the Mexican town and El Paso to ensure that no other citizens are hit by stray bullets from across the border?

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