GoPad Accessory

iPad 3 Going Ultra-Mobile With GoPad Accessory

Apple sells millions of iPad devices every single year and they sell even more accessories for those devices but the GoPad takes device constant tablet computer use to a whole new level.

GoPad allows users to attach their iPad around their neck with a corded attachment that makes it simple to carry the tablet while using it at the same time with both hands free for navigation and typing.

The accessory while a bit silly looking could be a great option for many working professionals such as nurses and doctors who tend to carry around laptops and other bulky devices throughout the day.

For $90 users receive a strap, harness and a companion carrying case. While first set to launch for iPad devices the company is also planning options for the Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Take a look at the device pictures above and let us know what you think. Would you be willing to use the GoPad in public with your tablet computer?

GoPad Accessory for iPad