About this whole web privacy thing – well, it’s difficult [Infographic]

It never fails that when any of the big boys of the web, like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or even Twitter, decide to make changes to any of their privacy policies the web erupts with various degrees of outrage and condemnation. You know – like how when Google announced the other week that it was going to unify all its various privacy policies into one homogeneous policy.

The resulting furor over the news had the European Union calling for the to slow down and wait, The US Congress has voice concerns about the changes, and we are still in the early days of their move to unify everything.

Of course Google isn’t alone these days when attracting the eye of regulators from governments around the world as we have seen how every time Facebook make changes, even the smallest one, the uproar is immediate and forceful.

To help us try and gain some understanding what is behind all these privacy issues the folks at Frugal Dad has put together a well rounded infographic for you to look over and figure out what is going on. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think about this whole mess.

via VentureBeat