Ethan Jones Auditioning For American Idol

Ethan Jones’ American Idol Audition Wasn’t Truthful, Dad Wasn’t In Rehab During Show Taping

American Idol contestant Ethan Jones told a touching story this week about his dad who couldn’t be with him because of a stint in rehab but as it turns out Todd Jones wasn’t in rehab at the time of the audition but rather he was at a funeral.

Before the singing part of his audition (watch the video below) Ethan explained that he was in a band back in St. Louis with his dad but he had to leave to go into rehab.

After Steven Tyler, no stranger to addiction himself, heard about the boys story he said “I want to meet your father when he gets out.”

After the episode aired Ethan’s dad revealed that he wasn’t in rehab but was at the aforementioned funeral and had been out of rehab for the six months leading up and through the audition process.

In the meantime Todd Jones says he would love to meet Steven Tyler and hear about his own stories of addition which he believes would be “enlightening.”

It doesn’t take away all that much from the young man’s struggle as a singer and child of a father with an addictive personality but these type of “lies” don’t tend to sit well with American Idol voters.

Here’s the official Ethan Jones American Idol audition:

Do you think Ethan Jones has a strong enough voice to make it into the American Idol live rounds?