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Kobayashi Wins Wing Bowl, Eats 337 Wings For New Competitive Eating Record

Takeru Kobayashi can eat more chicken wings than you. The competitive eating star just downed 337 wings in a half hour during Wing Bowl XX to set a new competitive eating record.

Kobayashi only had to eat 256 wings to beat Jonathan “Super” Squibb’s record but the man with the bottomless stomach decided to eat an extra 81 wings. And after the event, Kobayashi boasted that he could have eaten another 100 if he had more time.

Kobayashi said:

“I could probably eat another 100 wings or so. Not really fast, I’d have to take my time. But if you brought me 100 more I could eat them.”

CBS reports that Wing Bowl XX consisted of two 14-minute rounds followed by a 2-minute final sprint. Kobayashi, who has won the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest 6-times, claimed the $20,000 prize in front of nearly 2,000 people at the end of Wing Bowl. It was the competitive eating champion’s first time competing in the Wing Bowl.

Squibb has won the last three Wing Bowl’s and he set a personal best this weekend by eating 271 wings. But Squibb couldn’t come close to Kobayashi’s record breaking 337 wings in a half hour.

Here’s a video of Kobayashi after Wing Bowl.

Video: Kobayashi On Wing Bowl Strategy: