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Queen’s New Frontman? Adam Lambert

adam lambert

Adam Lambert will try to channel the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury when the band goes on tour this Summer. Lambert, who just released a new music video, will join the remaining members of the legendary band for a cross country tour through 2012.

Lambert said:

“The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f—ing great songs. It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of… Being asked to front Queen is the best thing that can possibly happen.”

But matching the vocal prowess of Mercury will be a difficult task. Fans have already started criticizing Lambert saying that he can’t replace Freddie Mercury as Queen’s frontman. Lambert said:

“(There’s) backlash from people saying, ‘You can’t replace Freddie Mercury.’ But I already knew that. There’s no intention in my mind of replacing Freddie. That’s impossible. The way I’m choosing to view it is that it’s a great honor and one I’m in no way going to shirk.”

Canoe reports that Lambert has already performed with original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. May and Taylor joined Lambert during his final performance on American Idol in 2009. They also teamed up at the MTV European Music Awards last year.

At the time, Taylor said:

“He has grown into a really great performer with an astonishing voice… We would like to work with him again. There’s nothing signed just yet but we’re talking about live dates.”

The tour dates aren’t set yet but Queen and its new frontman will play a show at Knebworth in England, where Freddie Mercury played his final gig with the band in 1986.

Here’s a video of Lambert singing “We Are the Champions” on “American Idol.”

Here’s a video of the legendary Freddie Mercury singing the same song.

Do you want to see Queen with their new frontman Adam Lambert?

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73 Responses to “Queen’s New Frontman? Adam Lambert”

  1. Shelley Black

    Perfect person for the job. Adam Lambert was robbed on AI. I said from the first day I heard him he reminded me of Freddy. No one can replace Freddy….but I love Adam.

  2. Eva Stanley

    He's good, but there is NO replacing an orginal. LONG LIVE FREDDY MECURY!

  3. Tim French

    Lamberts too Boyish, too pretty to front the band. Somebody older or tougher looking would be better. Or a bald old guy with great pipes.

  4. Anonymous

    Okay first, Queen is not touring this summer. The last tour was with Paul Rogers and Taylor/May knew it was temporary thing. I don't know who is researched this article but there is no tour in the near future for Roger and May. Roger is currently working to form a Queen tribute band called Queen Extravaganza. The finalists will be chosen via submitted video tapes to and via youtube submissions. They pretty much already have their front man and his name is Marc Martel. You can find his auditions online. The concerts will be produced by Taylor and May and will be a combination of video feeds of the original members of queen and live music performed by the "imposters." Honestly, this has been in the news so the fact that the article does not mention it is beyond bonkers. Taylor and May have stated that they are leaving the door open to play with the tribute band (in key areas if the tour goes well) but other than, they feel as though they are getting old.

  5. Anonymous

    They have already toured with Paul Rodgers, and it worked out fine. Lambert probably idolized Freddie Mercury, and I"m sure he will do a great job of keeping the legacy alive. It could bring an entirely newer, younger audience to Queen's music. What better way to honor Freddie Mercury?

  6. Brian Kearns

    John doesn't want to tour any more. He is quite happy at home not ruining the memory of a great band buy pulling crap like this.

  7. Trinity Morgana

    Horrible choice! they already have Marc Martel Lambert doesn't even sound like Freddy.
    Martel sounds like Freddy was reincarnated into him as a new born.

  8. Sharon R

    He's a big old queen with a great voice—I think he'll fit right in!

  9. Mary Skotleski

    Been a Queen fan ALL my life. First album was Queen and even though we can't replace Freddie's spirit I would luv to see Adam front the band. ALL 4 it!

  10. Phil Poupart

    I'm a long time Queen fan and I think Adam Lambert is probably the only person on the planet with the vocal range that can do this. It's understood he's not replacing Mercury in any way.. I'm pretty psyched about it!

  11. Paul Carter

    WTF! I thought they had named Marc Martel, he's a damn sure better singer than Lambert.
    What, they have to have a gay guy?

  12. Bill Cole

    I think you are quite mistaken. According to the very site you mentioned, yes, there is a tribute band formed indeed with Marc Martel, but that band does not have any of the members of Queen in it. They are two totally different entities. So yes, Queen IS going on tour with Lambert and Queen Extravaganza is going on tour with Martel. Before you sit there and criticize this article and accuse them of reporting false information, make sure YOU have the right information yourself.

  13. Anonymous

    like john bonham of led zeppelin you can't replace key figures of the band that originally made the band famous.

  14. Anonymous

    Desperate people do desperate things. It's official: Brian May and Roger Taylor have lost it. Ruining the legacy of a band like Queen by having the immaturity of Lambert is insuliting to it's truest fans. Paul Rogers was acceptable. But having a punk like Lambert front this band is dispicable.

  15. Bonita Perry

    I love Adam Lambert! If I can't see Freddy Mercury with Queen, Adam would definitely fit the bill and I would absolutely pay to see them. I'm a huge Queen fan and although no one can take Freddy's place, Adam would certainly be the only one to come close with his dramatic stage presence and crazy vocal range….The best performer around today and I hope they tour the US so I can see them!

  16. Alan Paquette

    Patrick Rhéaume everyone is entitled to their opinion doesent mean im an idiot seems to me you are taking it personnel get over are a very childish person i feel sorry for your pathetic self

  17. Patrick Rhéaume

    Alan Paquette when you learn how to conduct a sentence, than write back , a persons life style is "That/Theirs, don't like it, than shut the fuck up. Its people like you that keep hatred going in the world. grow up, or at least keep it yourself.

  18. Peggy-Jeff Mitchell

    The music is already kept alive, idiot. We don't need your idiot azz on stage singing it. You are nothing compared to Freddie Mercury and never will be. If this happens then Brian May should be ashamed of himself.

  19. Peggy-Jeff Mitchell

    I've been singing queen for years. I blow this clown out of the water. I'll post some on youtube to prove it.

  20. John Smith

    I agree Adam is a good match and it's great to hear that Queen will be at it again! Congrats to all concerned and looking forward to the music. Thanks! Especially for a lot of new music……:)

  21. John Smith

    Just watched the AI and yes Adam Lambert was definately better and more of a virtuoso that the other fellow….. he hit the notes whilst the other fellow did not. Congrats Adam on your new Job…..:) Funny how things work out!

  22. Jennifer Mizner Mead

    Peggy-Jeff Mitchell Please do. I would love to see it.

  23. Devin Donbrosky

    It was the 80's. It didn't matter what your sexual orientation was, your outfits were different then what you'd see today. Classification doesn't happen by an outfit or sexual orientation. He was just as much of a man wearing that or sweat pants.

  24. Colin D. Garland

    John O. Williams Somehow, he actually did seem more manly in drag or short-shorts than Adam ever could in full combat gear. Adam's a good singer but he just does not have the grit in his voice that Freddie could bring up when it was called for.

  25. Steven Paul

    No way I would pay any attention to this, Lambert does not have the voice whatsoever! His style of music (which to me is crap) and the voice to go with it does not FIT at all with Queen's music. I watched some of the Idol videos and it hurt my ears just to listen to it. Paul Rodgers wasn't really the right voice wither for Queen, but at least he had a good voice (but it was more of a bluesy rock voice) like Free and Bad Company! The members of Queen are stupid, seems they choose a gay man who happens to be flamboyant! Personally I didn't care anything about Mercury being gay or flamboyant. I cared that he could sing like a mother ****** and Queen was a great band!

  26. Phil Poupart

    Peggy-Jeff Mitchell I look forward to hearing these youtube posts!

  27. Brian L Kuhn

    Colin D. Garland and Adam can't bring the manly, I watched tons of his videos, he can bring whatever he needs too. The guy is a great actor, stage performer and singer, and no Freddie was never THAT manly, not so manly Adam can't do it.

  28. John Fox

    Although I think Adam is a scummy person in general, and I would NOt see him in concert for himself, I think I WOULD see him with Queen. A nd he is hte ONLY person I could see being the frontman for Queen for a tour. he reminded me of Freddy Mercury LONG before he came out or the rumors started. Back in the early days of AI, I thought he was Freddy come back. So yes, I'd go see him in that role.

  29. Vanessa Pryor

    oh poor poor poor freddie. there is no way he could even be replaced ever but the fact that they're actually attempting it with this lousy POS is just a slap in the face to the legend.

  30. Anonymous

    Shame they didn't go with Gary Cherone (Extreme/Van Halen). He knocked it out of the park for the Freddie Memorial concert. Hope the Lambert kid does well…Queen rocks! Paul Rodgers just didn't represent.

  31. John Klapp

    I find it both interesting and annoying that the author of this article chose one of the poorer recordings of this vocal virtuoso to use to compare against Adam Lambert. I remember the first time I heard Freddies voice, and it literally sent chills down my spine. He was truly a one and only. Funny, but until I read this article, even though I watched that episode of AI, I had forgotten about it completely. No disrespect to Adam, but he is definitely not the right voice for the job.

  32. David Pettyjohn

    If anyone wants to see who would be the perfect choice , go to youtube and look for Extreme Queen Medley. There you will see who would be a thousand times better than some talent show reject.

  33. Danielle Korman

    Adam idolizes Freddie he has already said he could never replace him. All the people crying foul get your head out of your asses. He'll do the songs justice in his own way

  34. L David Keith

    Interesting to watch it unfold. Fans will decide in the end, but Martel sounds like the winner.

  35. L David Keith

    Interesting to watch it unfold. Fans will decide in the end, but Martel sounds like the winner.

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