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Queen’s New Frontman? Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert will try to channel the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury when the band goes on tour this Summer. Lambert, who just released a new music video, will join the remaining members of the legendary band for a cross country tour through 2012.

Lambert said:

“The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some f—ing great songs. It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of… Being asked to front Queen is the best thing that can possibly happen.”

But matching the vocal prowess of Mercury will be a difficult task. Fans have already started criticizing Lambert saying that he can’t replace Freddie Mercury as Queen’s frontman. Lambert said:

“(There’s) backlash from people saying, ‘You can’t replace Freddie Mercury.’ But I already knew that. There’s no intention in my mind of replacing Freddie. That’s impossible. The way I’m choosing to view it is that it’s a great honor and one I’m in no way going to shirk.”

Canoe reports that Lambert has already performed with original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. May and Taylor joined Lambert during his final performance on American Idol in 2009. They also teamed up at the MTV European Music Awards last year.

At the time, Taylor said:

“He has grown into a really great performer with an astonishing voice… We would like to work with him again. There’s nothing signed just yet but we’re talking about live dates.”

The tour dates aren’t set yet but Queen and its new frontman will play a show at Knebworth in England, where Freddie Mercury played his final gig with the band in 1986.

Here’s a video of Lambert singing “We Are the Champions” on “American Idol.”

Here’s a video of the legendary Freddie Mercury singing the same song.

Do you want to see Queen with their new frontman Adam Lambert?