Live Sports Streaming Websites Taken Down By Feds

Feds Shut Down 16 Illegal Sports Streaming Websites

Federal authorities were hard at work on Thursday when they shut down 16 websites attributed to streaming illegal copies of major sporting events as the happened live.

Criminal charges have been brought against each of the websites owners including one Michigan man who ran nine of the 16 websites.

After the sites were seized U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara released a statement in which he said streaming websites cost broadcasters millions of dollars per year while pushing up the cost of ticket prices for sports fans.

Ironically the shutdowns came just hours after New England Patriots quarterback admitted during a news conference that he used an illegal sports streaming website to watch the Super Bowl last year.

According to Brady:

“Last year I was rehabbing my foot in Costa Rica, watching the game on an illegal Super Bowl website. And now I’m actually playing in the game. So, it’s pretty cool.”

According to federal authorities Yonjo Quiroa of Comstock Park, Michigan illegally aired copyright material for football, basketball, hockey and wrestling matches.

At this time Quioroa is being held without bail as hi immigration status is reviewed and his lawyer has refused to comment.

Adding to the day’s take federal authorities in Indianapolis sized $5 million worth of unlicensed Super Bowl sportswear and merchandise.

Have you ever watched a live sporting event using an illegal streaming website? I’ve given it a go since deciding cable TV is a rip-off and ultimately I’ve found that most of them offer slow streaming, choppy video service and an overall lackluster performance, even if they are often free.