Mel Gibson’s Ex Oksana Sings

Is anyone ready to hear Mel Gibson’s ex Oksana sing her heart out? Well, get ready, because according to TMZ Oksana Grigorieva, the woman behind the leaked tapes of Gibson calling her every derogatory name under the sun has signed a deal.

When hooking up with Mel Gibson, the actor tried to executive produce her first album but that ultimately failed to produce anything worthwhile, so now Oksana is going to Hollywood, and she even booked herself at a famous Hollywood lounge to perform this Friday and Saturday night. The lounge, referred to as Gardenia has apparently been around for years and has featured some huge performers.

In the on going lawsuit between Grigorieva and Gibson, Oksana was concerned about getting the rights to all of her music from Gibson, and now we know why! She has dreams of becoming a singer. Oksana secured all the rights to her songs and is now trying to make it on her own as a singer. No one knows for sure what genre her music will be, or if she’s even good, but by Saturday there should be some reviews buzzing about.

It seems like the mother of two has her hands full. Just six days ago she was photographed looking pregnant with her third child. Her first child Alexander is the son of popular actor Timothy Dolton, and her second child Lucia is the daughter of Mel Gibson, whom she’s had a turbulent rocky relationship with for months on end now.

Do you think Oksana will make it as a singer? Who do you think the father of her third child is?