Mel Gibson To Pay Ex-Wife $425 Million In Divorce Settlement

Mel Gibson was officially divorced in a Los Angeles courtroom on Friday and it’s being reported that his ex-wife Robyn Denise Moore will collect half of his $850 million fortune. He $425 million settlement is the highest amount ever paid in a Hollywood divorce.

Married for 30 years with seven children the couple didn’t have a prenup when they divorced which under California law provides Robyn with 50 percent of the couples full estate.

While Gibson had various successful movies and TV projects over his career it’s the $600 million he earned for producing The Passion of the Christ that provided for a bulk of the divorce settlement.

Already transferred to Robyn are two Malibu homes worth a combined $22.5 million.

In the meantime Robyn will receive half of every residual check Mel Gibson receives for the rest of her life for any movies and other projects he was involved in when they were married.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Denise Moore began divorce proceeding after Mel Gibson began an affair with and fathered a child alongside Oksana Grigorieva. The divorce was filed in a sworn statement by Robyn in July 2010. During the divorce she called Mel Gibson a “wonderful and loving father.”

The couple met in the 1970s when Robyn at the time was a dental assistant.

Are you surprised by the massive divorce settlement Robyn will receive from Mel Gibson?

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