Leonard Gallo Resigns as Police Chief of New Haven Following Racist Policies

Connecticut Police Chief Resigns Following FBI Profiling Sting

East Haven, Connecticut police chief Leonard Gallo has resigned from his post after four officers were indicted as part of an FBI case involving racial-profiling.

Gallow is an unnamed co-conspirator in the indictment and he was condemned last week by the governor’s criminal policy head for failing to follow the basic tenants of civil-rights guidelines when his officers targeted Latino residents.

According to the Governor’s officials:

“These are best practices nationally. What is very clear is that Chief Gallo did not follow these recommendations.”

Gallo was placed on administrative leave in 2010 by East Haven’s former mayor once news of the federal probe surfaced. 15 months later the East Haven police board filed 15 administrative charges against Gallo.

The city of East Haven has been in even more trouble lately, you might recall that their current mayor Joseph Maturo was sent more than 2,000 tacos after he made a joke about how he supports the Latino community by buying tacos. Maturo it turns out is a good friend of Gallo’s and reinstated him last year.

Maturo is now being asked to step down from his position by the cities board.

In calling for Gallo’s firing the town’s police commission chairman said:

“It’s been a general breakdown in control in that department for quite a while.”

In the meantime 15,000 signatures have been collected to request that the city’s mayor be relieved of his duties.

In any case the city council needs to act quickly as New Haven, Connecticut is quickly turning into a hotbed of hate in the United States.

Here’s Maturo’s comment about the Latino community, believe it or not he actually made his remarks known for a local news station:

Do you think Mayor Joseph Maturo needs to make his exit from politics at this time?