Lauren Conrad Launches Eco-Friendly Product Line, Hates Monday Mornings

Lauren Conrad has come a long way since her days on “Laguna Beach.” The MTV reality star has already started her own beauty website, she’s the face of the Paper Crown fashion line, and now she’s going green with her latest endeavor, an eco-friendly lifestyle product line.

MTV reports that Conrad teamed up with BlueAvocado, a sustainable lifestyle products company, to create her own eco-friendly line of products. LC’s new line will include cosmetic accessories, as well as home and travel products. Conrad said:

“The BlueAvocado partnership represents a synergy of things I love to do—design great products, enable women to realize their dreams, and inspire thoughtful action…. Once you realize the responsibility we have to improve our environment in our lifetime, you feel compelled to act with urgency. BlueAvocado provides a canvas for me to invite change.”

BlueAvocado writes:

“Lauren Conrad has joined BlueAvocado as an investor and lead designer inviting thousands to join her on her green journey. Debuting in Summer 2012, Lauren Conrad will design her own eco-collection for BlueAvocado, which will include stylish prints and new lifestyle products including reusable lunch, shopping, hydration, home storage, travel, and cosmetic accessories.”

Conrad’s new business venture isn’t the only thing that Conrad fans are talking about today. The reality star also sent out a few interesting tweets recently. Here’s a picture of a little Lauren Conrad scowling on a Monday morning.

lauren conrad

Conrad said: “Found this photo of me on my first day of kindergarten… 20 years later my feelings about Monday mornings remain the same. ”

And here’s a photo of Conrad’s new pink bun.

lauren conrad

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