Cheaters Spy Shop

Cheaters TV Show Spy Shop Opens, Cuts Out The Middle Man

Cheaters became an instant hit the moment it debuted on national television and now the creators of that show have announced the Cheaters Spy Shop, a real life spy store where buyers can purchase the goods needed to possibly catch their spouses in random acts of debauchery.

Series creator Bobby Goldstein announced the new spy shope as the show headed into it’s 12th season on the air.

As the name suggests the Cheaters Spy Shop sells an assortment of surveillance gear including recovery sticks that can pull up anything that has been accessed on an iPhone (including deleted information) along with software that can send a persons texts and pictures to the spying party as they are being sent.

The Cheaters Spy Store also features motion-activated cameras that record in high-resolution along with “audio recorders that look like pens” and plenty of other “spy related” goods that range from “night vision” and “hidden spy cameras” to “audio surveillance” and “bug detectors.”

The store only opened three months ago but is getting great response from shoppers looking to capitalize on the products offered.

As an employee at Cheaters Spy Shop pointed out:

“Most people using these products are trying to catch a cheating girlfriend/boyfriend or keep an eye on their kids… we do hear a lot of cool ways our stuff is being used, though. Some customers are using hidden cameras to catch abuse in nursing homes, and recently some students have been using this equipment to catch teachers abusing special needs kids. Some of our products have even been used to catch celebrities cheating as well, which seems to be the ‘bread and butter’ of celebrity gossip.”

Check it out today: Cheaters Spy Shop. Be sure to let us know if they help you catch anyone in the act.

In the meantime here’s a “Best Of Cheaters” clip for you to enjoy: