Gympact Mobile Application

GymPact App Pays You To Work Out, Charges You When You Ditch

Ever have the New Year’s Resolution to join a gym and lose some weight this year? Well you aren’t alone. Gyms make most of their money from those of us who sign up for a full year membership in January, go for two weeks straight and come February can’t believe that we ever had time to hit the gym.

GymPact is looking to give you that motivation you need to go to the gym and keep going. That motivation is….money!

The GymPAct App is a concept that is really quite simple. You set up a workout schedule at the beginning of the week and pony up some cash. If you adhere to the schedule you set for yourself you make some money, because GymPact takes the money from all those losers who didn’t keep to their schedules and distributes it to those who do. People who commit to going to the gym more get higher payouts.

It is easy to see what your next question is, forget it, GymPact has thought of it. You can’t just walk past the gym and be checked in. You have to be at the gym for at least thirty minutes for the check in to count.

Also, you had better be ready to pay if you want to use the system. You can’t even sign up without a credit card, and there is no obvious way to cancel the service. You can go on “break” for as long as you want though without being charged.

It wil be interesting to see how the GymPact App works and if it is successful. They have been testing the system as a pilot program and claim 90% of users stuck to their schedule.

Do you think the GymPact App would help you lose weight?

Watch a video on the GymPact App!