Was Shasta Himelrick Murdered? Loved Ones Call For Justice On Social Media

The body of Shasta Himelrick has reportedly been retrieved from the Scioto River after it was sighted as an object beneath the surface of the frigid waters over a day ago. Circleview Today reports that the body matches the description of the missing pregnant woman, but an official identification hasn’t been made yet. Nonetheless, the woman’s loved ones have taken to social media to confirm the discovery of her body. They’ve also indicated that she may have fallen victim to foul play. Does this mean that the missing woman and her unborn child were murdered?

Loved ones of the missing woman are behind the Facebook page associated with her disappearance, and they are who confirmed Friday’s tragic discovery. They addressed supporters on Friday afternoon.

“We at least don’t have to worry and wonder where she is.. But now instead of us all being excited for her to home. We are hurt that she will no longer be with us.. I couldn’t keep it together and now I’m waiting to be released from the hospital. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and all your support through this. You are amazing.”

The discussion on both Facebook and Twitter between loved ones and those involved with the search has moved from looking for Shasta Himelrick to demanding justice. The hashtag #JusticeForShasta is being shared by loved ones in hope of turning it into a trending tag. This indicates that her loved ones believe that she may have been murdered, but by whom?

An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday, which will lend to a positive identification of the missing woman’s body. It will also hopefully reveal a cause of death in her tragic demise, but it will be up to investigators to release that information to the public, depending on whether or not a homicide investigation takes place. USA Today reports that Shasta Himelrick’s body was retrieved approximately a mile from the bridge where cadaver dogs had previously searched. She was wearing the same clothing that she was reportedly last seen wearing before she was reported missing.

Shasta Himelrick had been missing since Christmas with very little evidence indicating what may have happened to her. Her loved ones revealed early in the search for her that blood was found in her car, which had been abandoned with a dead battery and an empty gas tank. Over the course of the past eight days, the search has focused in the area where her car was abandoned, leading ultimately to the river where her body was retrieved. If Shasta was murdered — as her loved ones seem to suspect — then hopefully investigators can get to the bottom of her case and arrest whoever may be responsible.

[Photo credit: Ross County Sheriff/Shasta Himelrick Facebook Photo]