Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger’s Boyfriend Lewis Hamilton Feels Pressure To Propose?

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton have been dating on and off for seven years, but are they getting engaged? Word is that Lewis is being pressured by his family to buy an engagement ring for her for the holiday season.

Like a lot of men during the holiday season, Lewis is sweating bullets as he dodges them from his family about proposing to Nicole Scherzinger. According to E! he revealed that Christmas time will probably come and go without the news of an engagement.

“I’m certainly feeling pressure, heat from family members, but Nicole’s massively focused on her work the same as I am. We’re happy just way we are.”

As for marriage, the race car driver said that he and Scherzinger will settle down eventually. At “one point…will be for us,” said Lewis.

So what’s stopping Nicole Scherzinger from getting a ring? Well apparently the couple set a price limit at $10, which means unless it comes from a cracker jack box, Lewis isn’t putting a ring on it.

“We did discuss that this Christmas we’d do something fun, such as having a set fee – $10 (roughly £6) each – and you gotta go and buy as many or as little cool things, fun things, silly stuff. So maybe we’ll do that. We don’t need anything else. We got everything we ever wanted.”

So what’s Nicole Scherzinger up to these days? Currently she’s playing Grizabella in Cats in London. As the Inquisitr reported the reviews are in and it’s nothing but praise for the powerful performer.

Neil Norman of Express wrote, “As the over-the-hill glamourpuss in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s groundbreaking musical, Nicole Scherzinger totters on like a feline Miss. Havisham, delivering his best song, “Memory,” with an internalised regret.” While the Daily Mail calls her “purr-fect.”

That said, it does look like Nicole has to focus on making her run a successful one, and an impending engagement could possibly make that harder. As for Lewis he said, “Nicole is going to be working hard in London. I get a break.”

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