Katy Perry Gets Pelted By A Lollipop

Katy Perry Collapses On Stage After Getting Hit By What? [Video]

Katy Perry’s Friday concert in Melbourne was interrupted when she was pelted with a projectile that made the pop tart collapse on stage. However, concerned Katy Cats shouldn’t despair — the singer wasn’t actually injured by the quickly-identified flying object.

Sugarscape has shared a video of the incident, and it looks like Katy Perry’s collapse was caused by a bit of a sugar rush — the projectile in question was just an innocent little lollipop lobbed at her by an overzealous concert attendee. Perry is obviously a fan of sweet treats, but only when she’s wearing them. When they hit her in the lower abdomen, she plays dead in a rather dramatic fashion. As you can see, the hunk of sugar almost hits the singer right in the lady bits in the video below.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Katy recently adopted a strict diet to prepare for her big Super Bowl halftime show, so perhaps being in the same vicinity as sugar is simply too much for her now that she’s cut back on the sweet stuff.

After collapsing on the stage at the Rod Laver Arena, Princess Perry shared a few dying words with her fans.

“I never knew I would go by lollipop.”

Had Katy Perry been wearing her whipped cream bra, perhaps she wouldn’t have lost the sugar war.

Perry’s fans were delighted with her dramatics, but the pop princess begged them not to make a habit of hitting her with hard candy.

“Honestly, let’s not make a trend out of that. I’m very fragile, I’m a scorpio, very sensitive… I was just SHOT WITH A LOLLIPOP.”

Hopefully Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show is half as entertaining as her candy collapse.

Katy Perry might have to worry about a few over-excited fans trying to take her down by lobbing lollipops at her, but she should be thanking most of her Katy Cats. According to the Hollywood Reporter, they helped make Katy’s “Dark Horse” this year’s most popular song on Google Play. And according to the Wall Street Journal, “Dark Horse” had 2014’s most-watched music video on YouTube with over 700 million views.

Instead of making a Cleopatra movie starring Angelina Jolie, perhaps Katy should be cast in the role, grill and all — she did recently prove that she’s great at doing death scenes.

Speaking of Katy Perry’s love of fun themes, here’s a question for you: Would you like to see the pop star transform her Super Bowl halftime stage into Candy Land, ancient Egypt, the jungle from her “Roar” music video, or a mixture of all three?

[Image credit: WENN via Posh24]