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Nicki Minaj As Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian In ‘Paper’ On SNL: Watch Minaj Sing ‘Drunk In Love’

We knew to expect Nicki Minaj on SNL on December 6, but we didn’t know Nicki Minaj would appear as Beyoncé in a Virgin Mary role within an SNL skit that had Twitter going crazy with tweets as soon as the Minaj as Beyoncé skit was done.

Watch the video of Nicki Minaj as Beyoncé on SNL, with Minaj singing a line from Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” song. Also, view the Vine video that soon after appeared showing Minaj singing, “He woke up like this,” and afterward performing the Beyoncé famous hand movements that the superstar performs in her “Flawless” song.

Within the same “Jingle Ballerz” SNL skit, Jay Pharoah reprised his role as Kanye West, this time appearing as a half-naked baby Jesus. Overall, fans thought the hip-hop flavored nativity skit was hilarious, if not because it was the first time they’ve seen Nicki Minaj impersonate Beyoncé. Minaj and Beyoncé have collaborated together before on a “Flawless” song remix.

The Twitter reaction to Nicki Minaj on SNL ranges from comments on everything from Minaj potentially forgetting the lyrics to the subtle and slow “Bed of Lies” song that Minaj sang in her first segment’s performance to her dress, shoesm and even the keyboardist behind her as she sang. Already, YouTube videos showing Minaj allegedly missing the first line of her “Bed of Lies” song were uploaded within seconds after the performance was done.

Minaj also appeared as Kim Kardashian in a series of naked but blurred photos that depicted Minaj in Paper magazine-styled pics.

Other viewers wondered if Lorne Michaels would ban Nicki Minaj from SNL for dropping the F-bomb multiple times during her performance. Gushing compliments for Minaj on Twitter are interspersed with those disparaging her backside.

“I just saw Nicki Minaj perform on SNL, and this is the first time I have noticed how pretty she is.”

Meanwhile, as Twitter continues to respond to Minaj’s rendition of Beyoncé, there’s one pop star who probably won’t add her tweet into the fray. As reported by the Inquisitr earlier this year, Beyoncé doesn’t avidly use Twitter.

“If I could be another female, ‪@NICKIMINAJ might arguably be the one I picked. ‪#SNL

No matter the variety of opinions, the fact that Minaj garnered the bulk of the attention via Twitter, Vine and Instagram – as witnessed by the hashtags devoted to SNL – proves that the rapper can command plenty of attention.

“Bow down, kids. Minaj wins based on her heels alone. ‪#SNL

“That was probably one of the best performances Nikki Minaj has ever done on television. ‪#SNL