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Lost ‘I Love Lucy’ Footage Surfaces For Holiday Special

I Love Lucy is making its great return. Like every holiday season, fans of the show can catch episodes they’re fond of during holiday marathons, but this year it’s going to look a bit different.

I Love Lucy is making a return to prime time television, as CBS is set to air lost footage for the first time as part of their all new television event, I Love Lucy Christmas special.

CBS home entertainment Ken Ross announced the news to the Associated Press, detailing the significance of the lost footage and what they hope it brings to many I Love Lucy fans.

“We are giving them one of the most classic, and funniest episodes of all time.”

This new footage will show fans’ favorite couple Lucy and Desi going through their costume and makeup tests for the show. In this footage, fans will get to see Lucy in her famous polka dot dress.

Additionally, Lucy and Desi lovers will get a chance to see the actors showing affection towards one another. Additionally, thanks to our technology, I Love Lucy will be colorized from black and white, so fans can witness Lucy’s flaming red hair. For those of you who are purists, the network promises that a vintage aspect will still stay intact for the Christmas special.

Ken Ross said, “We thought that color was an interesting way to entice younger viewers, and we thought, what is more colorful than Christmas at the end of the day.”

I Love Lucy Christmas special is set to run this Sunday on CBS at 8 p.m.

Fans seem pretty excited for this holiday treat.

[Image via CBS]