Thieves casino chips

Thieves Casino Chips: Connecticut Casino Robbed, Thieves Got Away With Thousands

Thieves stole casino chips off a table at Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino over the weekend. According to Yahoo! News, Tribal police say that they are searching for two men after one of the suspects grabbed a bunch of gambling chips off of a table in one of the establishments’ three casinos. The man took as many chips as he could before running off to a waiting getaway car.

Police say that the thief punched someone who approached him asking about the chips before heading out the door. He jumped into a maroon-colored car, and sped away with a second suspect. Police have not said exactly how much money was stolen, but said the number was in the “thousands.”

The thieves that stole casino chips were caught on a security camera, and their photos have been released by the tribal police. The two suspects had been acting strange standing behind a casino regular at a roulette table. According to NBC Connecticut, the regular, named Scott, was the guy that got punched. He spoke to the media about what happened.

“I was actually doing well. I was actually winning a few dollars. I was totally in shock. I reached around to confront him. He yells at me not to touch him. At that point, I grabbed him. At that point, he swings, barely touches my face, enough for me to say wait a minute. I grab the rest of my chips that were on the table, turned around to see where he was going, and he was already headed towards the exit.”

The thieves that stole the casino chips won’t be able to use them unless they somehow get back into the casino and change them into cash. Police are on high alert, though the casino did say that they were understaffed on that particular Friday night. Even Scott was surprised at how effortless the heist was.

“If somebody again can take that kind of money right off the table in the middle of the casino and walk right out and not be stopped by any security, baffles me,” he said.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was a casino heist at Caesars Atlantic City over the summer. Two masked gunmen made out with $180,000 after grabbing two plastic boxes filled with cash. The men made it out the door, and to a car. It’s unknown if they were ever caught.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]