Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne father revealed?

‘Batman V Superman’ Movie: Bruce Wayne’s Father Revealed? [Photos]

It appears that Bruce Wayne’s father has been revealed for the Batman v Superman movie, after one of the last scenes for the Zack Snyder production was filmed in the streets of Chicago last week.

We also learned that the iconic scene, in which Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered outside the movie theater, will be included in Batman v Superman. Many eyewitnesses saw the troubling episode being shot with IMAX cameras by Snyder and his crew.

Several photos were posted to Twitter, and they included vintage cars to make the scene in which Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) tragically loses his parents perfect. They also include the Waynes walking down the street with their son just before an assassin takes their lives.

Check out this Instagram account for more Batman v Superman set photos and videos showing the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Many observers believe director Zack Snyder will follow what he did with Superman (Henry Cavill) in Man of Steel and tell the origins story of Batman and why he became the Dark Knight. Showing his parents’ brutal murder, which took place right in front of young Bruce’s eyes, explains the motivations behind Batman’s actions.

Now, as to who will play the role of Thomas Wayne, the rumor is that the part has gone to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. You may remember that back in August, when the Batman v Superman movie was in its infancy, there was a photo posted on Twitter of crew members moving a gigantic portrait that appears to be Bruce’s father, which was reported by the Inquisitr.

At the time, Morgan’s name was floating around, but then the rumors died down and not much else was said about the character until last week. Do you think the man walking down the street during filming of the Batman v Superman movie was Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

[Image via Twitter]