Days of Our Lives spoilers: Daniel and Kristen hook up.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Daniel and Kristen Kiss (Video)

Days of Our Lives fans will be in for a shock this week, as the latest spoilers reveal that Dr. Daniel Jonas and Kristen DiMera will hook up, Michael Fairman Soaps reports.

Daniel and Kristen’s sexual tension, which has been building for months since Kristen came back to Salem, will finally hit its peak as the couple will be engaged in an argument about Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Horton, and then begin to make out.

Days of Our Lives fans have seen a great deal of weird romances over the decades, but Daniel Jonas and Kristen DiMera’s hook up may be one of the strangest.

Meanwhile, Kristen’s ex-fiance, Brady Black, will reportedly be the one to find Kristen in Daniel’s arms and he’ll have every right to be furious.

Not only did Kristen DiMera break his heart and leave him to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, but she also ruined his brother, Eric Brady’s career as a priest by drugging and raping him.

After all of that Days of Our Lives fans are sure to see Brady and Daniel’s friendship take a hit, as well as Dr. Jonas’ relationship with Eric Brady once he gets wind of the hook up.

It’s also a safe bet that Jennifer Horton will somehow find out and be devastated by her ex-boyfriend’s actions, as she’s still obviously in love with him.

With all the love triangles and drama going on in Salem right now, this week will also bring sadness to Days of Our Lives viewers, as they’ll watch Alison Sweeney say goodbye to Salem and her longtime alter ego, Sami Brady.

Sami, along with her children, Will, Johnny, Ali, and Sydney will leave Salem and move to Hollywood following the shocking death of her husband, EJ DiMera, played by James Scott.

There is a lot going on right now for Days of Our Lives fans to process, and as previously reported by the Inquisitr, that’s not going to stop anytime soon with November sweeps just ahead.

Next month will bring fans more drama as they watch John Black leave Salem again, Kristen DiMera will also leave, Molly Burnette is rumored to return as Melanie Jonas, and Eve Donovan will get some devastating news that could change her life forever.

What a wild ride Days of Our Lives fans have been on over the past month!

What do you think about Kristen and Daniel’s hook up on Days of Our Lives?

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