Minecraft TU17 Update Tease

‘Minecraft’ TU18 Teased For PlayStation And Xbox Along With ‘Skyrim’ Pack

4J Studios is finally teasing Minecraft Title Update 18 (TU18) now that the release of Minecraft to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PS Vita is out of the way, plus some patches. Also, it looks like all three PlayStation consoles will receive the Skyrim Mash-Up Pack.

Note that there is currently some confusion over what the next Minecraft title update will be officially called. TU16 was officially the last released by 4J Studios to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in May. However, there have been three patches released to home consoles and one patch for the PS Vita. So, the next update could conceivably be either TU17 or TU20. Update: It should be TU18 based on this Minecraft Forum post by 4J Studios

That said, the teaser image put out by 4J Studios confirms two new blocks and a mash-up pack. The developer had to make the reveal in its usual teasing manner by showing a picture of a stuffed Minecraft creature on a TV playing the game.

The most obvious part of the screen is that the Skyrim Mash-Up pack is being used. Checking the buttons on the left-hand corner shows that this is Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition. This mash-up pack has been out since November 2013 for the Xbox 360 version of the game and looks like it will head to all three PlayStation platforms with the release of TU18.

Meanwhile, the hotbar shows the two new blocks. The block in the far left appears to be the new Diamond Block. There’s some debate on the block on the far right, but it appears to be a Redstone Block. It somewhat resembles the same block used for the PC version (via Minecraft Wiki). It’s not exact though, and has others speculating it might be another block.

4J Studios previously stated that it “may take some time” for TU18 to come out, as reported earlier in The Inquisitr. The massive size is the primary reason.

“This next update will jump three PC updates, which includes the Pretty Scary Update, Redstone Update, and Horse Update. That’s potentially a ton of content.”

“The Pretty Scary Update added Bats, Witches, the Wither boss, and Wither Skeletons as new mobs. It also brought Beacons and items that were included in the TU14 update such as Carrots on Sticks, Anvils, and more.”

“The Redstone Update focused primarily on adding new redstone blocks, but also optimized the lighting engine. Some of the new blocks included the comparator, hopper, dropper, daylight sensor, trapped chest, weighted pressure plates, and block of redstone. There were also some PC specific updates like a scoreboard system which likely won’t make the transfer to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.”

“Lastly, the Horse Update brought horses, naturally, plus donkeys, and mules. It also brought leads to tie to any mob, plus hay, carpet, coal blocks, and hardened clay that can be turned into stained clay with dye.”

What do you think of this Minecraft image tease? Does that look like a Redstone block to you? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via 4J Studios]

[Edit: Changed Title Update reference from TU17 to TU18]