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Bruce Jenner: Kris Spilled Sex Tips That Ronda Kamihira Used To Lure Bruce Into Love Nest

Bruce Jenner, less than a month after he and Kardashian clan matriarch Kris Jenner filed their divorce papers, is reportedly dating Ronda Kamihira — his ex-wife’s BFF, former assistant, and closest confidant. Today, the behind-the-scenes story of how Kamihira won her prize catch is coming to light — and it makes her scheming betrayal of former gal-pal Kris appear even more cold and calculating.

According to a report on the Hollywood Life celeb-watching site, when they were still tight, Kris confided in Ronda the most personal details of her marriage to Bruce Jenner — including the steamy sex secrets she employed to seduce the now 64-year-old onetime Olympic decathlon champion.

Kamihira then used those very same sexual techniques and seduction methods to lure Bruce Jenner into her bedroom, the report says. The backstabbing transgression of the “girl code” has left Kris Jenner stung and downcast, insiders now say.

“She’d tell her things that Bruce loved in bed and certain things he didn’t,” the Hollywood Life source told the site. “His soft spots and sexy things she’d wear around the house to hint to Bruce that she wanted him. It was innocent, one-on-one girl talk and Kris, at the time, thought nothing of it. It’s crystal clear to Kris now that she’d apparently been teaching Rhonda and giving her the blueprint for having sex with her ex.”

The two women had such a bond that in addition to being best friends for two decades, they even lived next door to each other, and their children were also close friends.

But that bond is now severed, as Ronda Kamihira broke the world’s oldest unwritten law: Don’t have sex with your best friend’s ex. The code applies equally to women and men, and when it is broken, even longtime friendships can come crashing down.

“Kris feels so stupid,” the Hollywood Life source continued. “This could make her lose all trust in her female friends. Women, she thought, are supposed to stick together. That’s what she’s always told her girls. Now this happens.”

The alleged insider described Kris’s intimate revelations to her then BFF as “innocent, one-on-one girl talk.” But when she found out she was giving Kamihira a crash course in how to get Bruce Jenner into bed, Kris was left “devastated.”

On the other hand, who knows? The whole thing could turn out to be a reality TV show stunt.

Kris Jenner, 57, who was married to the late O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian from 1978 to 1991, married Bruce Jenner a year after that divorce. But Bruce Jenner waited just two weeks after his divorce from Kris to make a public appearance with Ronda Kamihira on his arm.