Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Fight About Baby Making

Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Fighting Over Baby Plans?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are allegedly butting heads over the prospect of having a baby.

Miranda is reportedly ready to become a mom right now, but Blake doesn’t see kids in the cards at all — or at least this is what OK! Magazine is claiming.

A “friend” of the country power couple told the tabloid that Miranda Lambert is more than ready to become a mom. Seeing her pal Carrie Underwood get pregnant has allegedly made Miranda even more determined to have a baby very soon.

“Miranda is willing to put her career on hold, But Blake’s just scared of change.”

The source claims Miranda Lambert’s baby-making plans include convincing Blake Shelton that they should do a joint tour together. She allegedly wants to spend more time with her husband so that they can start getting busy making that baby, but The Voice judge prefers touring solo so that “he can party with his buddies and flirt with women.” If this is true, there’s no way Blake is ready to become a dad.

OK! Magazine also claims that Blake Shelton recently told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that he has no plans to start a family with Miranda Lambert at all. However, Gossip Cop points out that Blake said no such thing. Ellen asked the singer if he was going to “be reproducing soon,” and Shelton said that he was not. He never said that he’s completely against the idea of having a baby with Lambert — he’s just not ready to become a dad any time in the near future.

Back in April, Miranda Lambert addressed the baby question during an interview with ET Online, and she also said that she’s in no rush to have kids.

“We’re so busy. It’s a whole whirlwind. We’d just like to be a little more settled.”

Notice how she used the word “we?” This makes it sound like Miranda Lambert and her husband have discussed having kids, and are open to the idea of starting a family someday. In short, the OK! Magazine report shouldn’t add any fuel to the divorce rumors that Blake recently debunked.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Shelton slammed recent rumors that he and his wife are headed for divorce. He tweeted that the tabloids printing the reports were “morons,” and joked that they “just decided to play the odds” with him and Lambert “because the divorce rate is so high.”

Are you sad that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton probably won’t be producing a future country star anytime soon?

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