Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell Pregnant With Second Child – Here’s Why She’s Choosing A ‘Unique Name’

Neve Campbell is pregnant!

According to a report confirmed by US Weekly, Neve Campbell and her longtime boyfriend are officially expecting their second child together.

During a casual Sunday walk in a Hollywood park, Neve Campbell was photographed wearing a loose-fitted striped shirt that clearly revealed her baby bump.

The 41-year old actress, known mostly for such big screen credits as the multi-movie Scream franchise and Wild Things as well as her appearance on the hit AMC series Mad Men, was actually enjoying the day with her firstborn son, 2-year old Caspian. Young Caspian was born back in August of 2012. One inside source told US Weekly that getting pregnant again and expanding the family even further was always a part of the plan for Neve Campbell and JJ Feild, so this news does not come as surprise to either of them.

“They’ve always wanted more than one child. They want Caspian to have a sibling.”

Even though it is still far too early to determine whether or not Neve Campbell is having a boy or a girl, chances are that their second child will also have a unique name just like their first child. Keep in mind that Neve Campbell was named after her mother — but not in the traditional way that you might think. You see, Neve’s mother’s maiden name is Neve.

In an interview conducted on The Talk back in December of 2012, Neve Campbell decided to let her guard down a little and openly talk about her life and her family. When the subject of Caspian’s name came up, she did not bite her tongue in reference to her appreciation of unique names for children.

“”I liked the idea of a unique name. It’s nice having something special and different and so I wanted something like that for our son.”

Chances are that Neve Campbell and the father of her children will want the same exact thing for Child #2.

Neve Campbell is just one of the many celebrities that seem to have caught baby fever this summer. There are quite a few others that are currently expecting their own bundles of joy to arrive in 2015 as well — including actress Blake Lively and model Coco Rocha.

Now that Neve Campbell has been added to the list, who do you think will be next?

[Image Credit: US Magazine and Contact Music]