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Taylor Lautner Gay? Twilight Star Sets the Record Straight

taylor lautner

Sorry fellas, Taylor Lautner is not gay. After the Twilight star was spotted having dinner with Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black, the two guys who were behind the movie “Milk,” homosexual hopefuls started wondering about Lautner’s sexuality.

But Lautner says that he’s not gay, and that although some people might find it surprising, actors, writers, and directors occasional meet for dinner. In the latest issue of Australian GQ, Taylor addressed the issue. Lautner said:

“It’s not a coincidence that there was a writer, a director and an actor at dinner.”

When Lautner was pushed about the issue and asked if either of the openly gay filmmakers hit on him, Lautner said:

“No, definitely not. I think they know I’m straight. But they’re great guys. They’re a lot of fun.”

GQ’s line of questioning has irked some gay-rights groups. Advocacy asks if GQ was being homophobic by pushing the actor and questioning the intent of Van Sant and Black. The magazine asks: “Would GQ have asked Lautner the same question if he’d dined with two older straight women?

The new article in GQ reports that Taylor Lautner was paid $7.5 million to star opposite Lily Collins in the new film Abduction. The big payday makes Lautner the highest paid teenager in Hollywood. And with a reported $10 million deal slated for the new Incarceron, Lautner could keep that title until his 20th birthday this February.

Do you think GQ was being homophobic? Can’t two gay men wine and dine a young stud without people asking questions?

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24 Responses to “Taylor Lautner Gay? Twilight Star Sets the Record Straight”

  1. Alycia Sevier

    NO ONE GIVES A CRAP IF HE IS/ISN'T! STOP MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL OF NOTHING! this is why there is still discrimination against ANYONE…because people make insignificant differences FRONT PAGE NEWS!

  2. Christopher Michaelson

    people need to learn its none of their business, who cares, no one asks who you sleep with so if all you have to do is sit around and concern yourselve with others sex lives then you need to get a life. As Walte says,"DUMBASS".

  3. Adam Day

    Geeze lol this cracks me up! I myself am gay and If 2 str8 guys were to take me out to chit chat would I be considered str8?

  4. Willie Holmes

    You ever notice how no one ever thinks unattractive men are gay? It's always the ones thought of as drop dead gorgeous. To be honest, I never knew Gus Van Sant was gay.

  5. Kellie Arrowood

    Instead of assuming that someone is gay because they have lunch with gay friends…why not assume someone is straight because they have lunch with straight friends…Come to think of it, I may be African American since I work with a young lady who is…

  6. Threshold of Sleep

    Lots of actors deny it early on in their careers. HE screams gay in every single way! It is dumb to assume that gay men would instantly hit on him. He's NOT very attractive at all. Overrated in that dept. He has a frankenstain forehead.

  7. Nathan Mclean

    He might be, not that it matters on little bit. He will never come out though IF he is. He hasn't really established himself yet as a respected actor and I think it would do his career a lot of damage. Most of his fan base are young girls and a few gay guys. Give the guy a break, no one has the right to ask him about his sexuality – he is very pretty though:)

  8. John Davison

    there are few things more tiresome in life than gay magazines and gay pressure groups seeing homophobia everywhere. I am gay by the way.

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