Nicki Minaj Nude Photo: Rapper Appears To Be Latest Victim Of The Fappening

Nicki Minaj may be the latest celebrity pulled into a nude photo scandal after pictures surfaced online that claimed to show the rapper in a graphic pose.

The picture reportedly spread through social media, and the urban gossip site MediaTakeOut also shared some of the torrid details:

“ learned that the hackers may have just STRUCK AGAIN. We have come across photos which PURPORT to be Nicki Minaj topless… and appears to have a liquid on her body.”

“The woman in the photo has the EXACT SAME tattoo on her arm that Nicki does – and she also has BREAST IMPLANTS, like Nicki.”

“We are NOT posting the images, cause the FBI is all up in this case. But if you do a quick Twitter search, we’d bet you’ll find it.”

Nicki Minaj appears to be the latest victim of a celebrity nude scandal dubbed The Fappening. Others caught up by the mysterious hacker include Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Rihanna.

It has not been a good week for Nicki, media-wise. Earlier in the week, Nicki’s mother Carol Minaj opened up about the rapper’s difficult upbringing and the abuse she was forced to endure as a kid. Carol recounted how Nicki’s father was an abusive drug addict who used to beat his wife.

“My husband used to get high on cocaine and alcohol and would come home and terrorize the whole family,” Carol recounted in an interview with The Sun. “One night I woke up and smelt smoke. I went downstairs and the kitchen was on fire. I had to run out of the house and it burned to the ground.”

Carol also recounted the time she had to take Nicki Minaj and her brothers, Micaiah and Jelani, to a neighbors house one New Years Eve to escape their father.

“I was trying to take Nicki and my sons to a neighbor’s house on December 31,” she said. “He saw me get into the car and when it reached a stop light he pulled me out of the car, punched me in the face and kept pulling me and pulling me back towards the house. Someone eventually came and saved me and he ran.”

Nicki Minaj has not spoken publicly about the alleged nude photos.