Nicki Minaj Witnessed Horrific Domestic Abuse Growing Up, Reveals Mother

Nicki Minaj has always been open about some of the horrors she witnessed as a child growing up in Queens, New York in the mid ’90s at the hands of her drug addict father, Robert.

But in an interview with The Sun, Nicki’s mother, Carol Minaj, recently revealed some disturbing details about the types of things her daughter was forced to endure as a kid.

Carol revealed to the publication that Nicki would often close herself in her bedroom and sob for hours while her father beat her mother black and blue. She also revealed that Robert tried on at least one occasion to burn down the house with Carol inside.

In her account of life in the mid ’90s, Carol Minaj said about that incident,

“My husband used to get high on cocaine and alcohol and would come home and terrorize the whole family. One night I woke up and smelt smoke. I went downstairs and the kitchen was on fire. I had to run out of the house and it burned to the ground.”

Radar Online reported that Carol also spoke about the time she attempted to take Nicki and her brothers, Micaiah and Jelani, to a neighbors house one New Years Eve,

“I was trying to take Nicki and my sons to a neighbour’s house on December 31. He saw me get into the car and when it reached a stop light he pulled me out of the car, punched me in the face and kept pulling me and pulling me back towards the house. Someone eventually came and saved me and he ran.”

Nicki Minaj has spoken to reporters in the past about what life was like with her father’s drinking, violent behavior and abuse, “I was afraid, very afraid that something would happen to my mother,” she said, thankful that nothing life-threatening ever did.

Robert was arrested for drunk driving in October of 2013, despite the fact that he attended rehab and cleaned his act up in that year.

Carol Minaj concluded the interview by confirming that after years of abuse at the hands of her husband, she eventually kicked him out of the family home and never reconciled the relationship with him despite his many attempts.