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Macy’s Store Closings: Which Locations Will Go

Macy's Store Closings

Macy’s has announced it will close 11 stores said to be “underperforming.” The Macy’s store closings will begin next week with the start of the final clearance sales.

Macy’s Store Closings: The Details

The Macy’s closings don’t necessarily mean the company is scaling back, executives say. Rather, the Macy’s store closings are considered “part of the normal-course process to prune underperforming locations each year,” CEO Terry J. Lundgren says. The chain intends to add new stores over the long-term to replace the closed locations, he asserts. Four new locations are already being planned.

Associates at the affected stores will be considered for open jobs at other Macy’s locations. Severance benefits will also be provided.

Macy’s is expected to save $65 million with the closings.

Macy’s Closings: Which Stores Will Close?

Here is the full list of the Macy’s stores set to be closed:

• Ernst & Young Plaza (Citicorp Plaza), Los Angeles, CA (135,000 square feet; 136 employees; opened in 1986)

• The Citadel, Colorado Springs, CO (195,000 square feet; 105 employees; opened in 1984)

• Westminster Mall, Westminster, CO (156,000 square feet; 110 employees; opened in 1986)

• Palm Beach Mall, West Palm Beach, FL (190,000 square feet; 71 employees; opened in 1979)

• Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Island of Hawaii, HI (3,000 square feet; 3 employees; opened in 1983) *This store will not hold a final clearance sale

• Lafayette Square, Indianapolis, IN (160,000 square feet; 84 employees; opened in 1974)

• Brookdale Center, Brooklyn Center, MN (195,000 square feet; 72 employees; opened in 1966)

• Crestwood Mall, St. Louis, MO (166,000 square feet; 176 employees; opened in 1969)

• Natrona Heights Plaza, Natrona Heights, PA (73,000 square feet; 124 employees; opened in 1956)

• Century III Furniture and Clearance, West Mifflin, PA (83,000 square feet; 3 employees; opened in 2000)

• Bellevue Center, Nashville, TN (211,000 square feet; 76 employees; opened in 1990).

Macy’s will have 848 stores remaining after the closures, including 40 Bloomingdale’s locations.

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2 Responses to “Macy’s Store Closings: Which Locations Will Go”

  1. ontarioemperor

    At some point Macy's is going to close additional stores, I'm sure. A couple of years ago, Macy's acquired the May Company stores, which posed a potential issue for shopping centers that had both Macy's and May Company as anchors. However, in at least two situations (Victoria Gardens and Brea Mall) Macy's chose to keep BOTH stores open, with each Macy's offering different items for sale (women's clothes in one Macy's and men's clothes in the other, for example). I wouldn't be surprised if Macy's eventually consolidates some of these stores, even if they're making money – corporations will always conclude that even if you're making money, you could always make MORE money by cutting costs.

  2. Thommy

    Circuit City just announced yesterday that they are closing all their stores! Pretty insane but it makes for some good deals on electronics if you make it to their going out of business sale. Or you could always just go to a site like to save whenever you want. I'm just glad that my Macy's isn't closing! I love their clothes.

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