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Donna Karan Is After A-Rod


It looks like while Madonna’s ficando with Jesus Luz, designer Donna Karan is moving in on her “friend” Alex Rodriguez. Page Six has reported that A-Rod partied the New Year away with a celeb-studded crowd including Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Donna Karan at the exclusive Parrot Cay island… and had an opportunity to hook up with Karan if he so pleased.

An insider told the paper that A-Rod stayed “very close to [Karan] who only had eyes for him and followed him around all night on New Year’s Eve,” BUT he still happens to be enamored with Madge. It seems odd, since Madonna’s an Ice Queen Extraordinaire; there must be some unspoken perks like really eating better and going through punishing daily workouts. As for the sex, erm… you probably remember the rules. Perhaps A-Rod needs to conserve his strength to stay a star slugger, anyway.

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3 Responses to “Donna Karan Is After A-Rod”

  1. stoney

    silly Arods a cougar bitch! thats all hes good for now, and now hes saving himself for madonna! what a loser at least karan doesnt look like a dried up prune when shes not made up for the cameras, go get him Karan, if madonna can lure him from his own wife you can lure him anyone and anything, hes that dump and easy.

  2. celebspam

    elle macpherson was rumoured some years ago as saying ” she wont date any man whos slept with madonna”, and I bet there a some men who also wont go near her either, all except arod who tossed his wife to the kerb, Karan not that dumb and that desparate to want to follow mr madonna around.

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