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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Pilot Killed Passengers, Sank Plane Intact In Ocean, Expert Says

Malaysia AIrlines pilot killed passengers

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah is the man responsible for the plane’s baffling disappearance, brilliantly executing a sinister plot to prove his superior aviation skills by ensuring that the Boeing 777-200 would never be found. Those are the conclusions of Ewan Wilson, an aviator, accident investigator and founder of Kiwi Airlines, who conducted an independent, four-month study of the Malaysia Airlines mystery.

“Ahmad Shah was a man known for his methodical, thorough nature, for his love of the technical, and probably for his ego, too,” said Wilson, whose findings are detailed in his new book, Goodnight Malaysian 370: The Truth Behind The Loss Of Flight 370. “This would have been his final sad act to his family and to the world: ‘find this one.'”

Wilson says he and co-author Geoff Taylor investigated “every conceivable alternative scenario” before arriving at the shocking conclusions in the book, in which he argues that Shah locked his co-pilot out of the cockpit then deliberately murdered all 239 people on board by depressurizing the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 cabin, which would have deprived everyone on board of oxygen.

While oxygen masks would have automatically dropped, Wilson acknowledges, he says that with many of the passengers asleep they may not have been aware of the masks, which provide only about 20 minutes worth of oxygen anyway.

But Shah, described by Wilson as mentally ill, put his twisted plan into effect a full four hours before finally crashing the Malaysia Airlines plane in the Indian Ocean, the independent New Zealand investigator says.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished from radar and ground contact during an otherwise routine March 8 flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China. But despite a multimillion dollar search involving numerous countries, not a single trace of the plane or scrap of debris has turned up.

Wilson says he has a solution to that mystery as well. After killing everyone on board, Shah either re-pressurized the cabin or survived on is own, more plentiful oxygen supply for the final four hours.

At that time, Wilson says, Shah landed the plane on the surface of the Indian Ocean in what Wilson calls a “controlled ditching,” similar to that executed by US Airways pilot Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger on the surface of the Hudson River in New York in 2009.
But instead of attempting to save the Malaysia Airlines plane, Shah simply allowed the Boeing 777 to sink to the bottom of the ocean in one piece — leaving no debris or evidence, Wilson says.

“We could never have foreseen the information we uncovered, or their implications,” Wilson says. “Neither could we have imagined the horrific scenario that our research suggests took place on board that fateful plane.”

Shah was named in June media reports as the “prime suspect” in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, but Malaysian authorities dismissed those reports.

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38 Responses to “Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Pilot Killed Passengers, Sank Plane Intact In Ocean, Expert Says”

  1. Michael Thal

    As a stay-at-home retiree I was able to consume countless hours of coverage.

    Having said this I must say Ewan Wilson's theory totally resonates with me. For me at least, it represents the most logical and reasonable representation of what may have really happened that I have seen to date.

    Kudos to Mr. Wilson for a job well done. My heart goes out to the families and friends of all those poor souls on board.

  2. Michael Thal

    As a stay-at-home retiree I was able to consume countless hours of coverage.

    Having said this I must say Ewan Wilson's theory totally resonates with me. For me at least, it represents the most logical and reasonable representation of what may have really happened that I have seen to date.

    Kudos to Mr. Wilson for a job well done. My heart goes out to the families and friends of all those poor souls on board.

  3. Tim Stephens

    The author is just as bad as those who stole money from the deceased passengers. Where is your proof? Your conclusions are based on what evidence? Did you consider alien involvement? Is your book classified as Non-fiction or fantasy?

  4. Tiger Siamese

    This theory would be plausible if not for the fact that a 215-240 foot long plane with a wingspan of nearly the same would be amazingly easy to find if it was indeed intact. So, what we are left with is one man's theory and his attempt to profit from it.

  5. Nick Lets

    Epic, Anything to sell books… Big differ between landing in the Hudson and landing in the MIDDLE of the ocean is waves.. Is NO WAY to land a plane and nothing come off when at the least there are 10ft waves smashing at you with the force your traveling… Use your brains folks….

  6. Leslie Lott

    Well that was just a bunch of speculation, I hope the book has some hard evidence which I some how doubt it does because there is none

  7. Laura Shird-Burbie

    This theory is just as much based on speculation as every single other theory that is out there. Until this mystery is solved, there is no truth, only speculations and theories.

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Aemon Regas

    And what would the pilot gain by doing this ??? l personally could not imagine that this pilot would commit suicide in such a way knowing he was taking hundreds of men, women & children to there deaths !! so thats why I'm discounting your theory . theres more to this than we will ever know , i just prey that we don't see this jet ploughed into another building !!!

  10. Carol Ettery

    i agree with you about the plane turning up somewhere. there is no evidence of this just one way to sell a book. Some people say its parked up somewhere…maybe we'll never know.

  11. Graham Johnson

    Past crashes cause me to doubt the author's theory. While Captain Sully's skills certainly played a huge role, the fact that the Hudson is a relatively calm, flat river greatly increased the chances of survival in the USAirways forced landing. The Indian Ocean is neither calm nor flat.

    Look to two previous open-water dicthings -an Ethiopian Airlines 767 or Tunintair ATR-72- for a better idea of how ditching an airliner in open water works out.

    It would take an exceptionally skilled pilot to land in the water dead even (otherwise the aircraft will tumble and break apart) combined with very favorable wave conditions for the author's theory to work. Personally, I don't see that happening.

  12. Anonymous

    If water was allowed to enter the plane, the pressure would equaize..

  13. Anonymous

    Wasn't there a search for the aircraft in the Indian Ocean using sophisticated underwater equipment, and some things were found, but not part of the aircraft. But don't you think that sophisticated equipment would be able to locate something as large as that aircraft was?

  14. Manuel Mariño T

    I have been saying this almost from the beginning. Six month ago I posted the comment below, for which I got 9 thumbs up and 25 down.

    It appears it was deliberate act, so lets assume that the pilot (whomever he was) wanted vengeance or simply had a macabre desire to create the biggest mystery in civil aviation history.
    He disabled the transponder and data communication right after leaving Malaysian air control. Turned off the air conditioning and oxygen supply to the main cabin causing the temperature to drop to about the same as outside (well below freezing point), and passengers eventually lose consciousness. He announced he is turning back due to problems with the air system (this accomplished two things, people do not suspect foul play and the plane continues flying at night for hours). The plane ascends to evade military radars, but it is detected about to leave Malaysian space on the other side. Then the pilot proceeds over the Indian Ocean into a deep area, where he ditches the plane in a controlled manner so not to disintegrate the aircraft into pieces but in large chunks. There is little fuel so no fuel slicks. Conceivable, the plane could have survived impact and with all passengers dead, the pilot sunk the plane by opening a cargo door and a cabin exit.

  15. Grover Watson

    Inquisitor…… a shame this isn't printed on paper… I need something to wrap fish in……

  16. Zach Cox

    So you've demonstrated that it's *possible* the pilot did this. But where's your evidence for this hypothesis? That fact that someone physically could have done something doesn't mean they did or even that they probably did.

  17. Leo Marshall

    why do all of that?
    This man had a family. Was well paid and had a decent life. an airline pilot in Malaysia surely would be in the upper class of incomed families.

    to go through all of that…just to "show them" or cause an aviation mystery is something a highly deranged person would do and this guy's mental state would have been previously exposed had he been at that level of derangement.

  18. Simon Nicolas Coster



  19. Philip Clark

    If they keep looking, the plane will eventually be found. Then they can stop speculating and start analyzing the wreckage.

  20. Renea Waite

    If the pilot was able to accomplish this, wouldn't the plane break apart once it sunk in deep water?

  21. Anonymous

    in the middle of a sea, a cell phone might not work for calls nor texts

  22. Will Mickelson

    ctnatt Which would mean the phones couldn't keep on ringing. When a phone is shut off or no signal, it goes straight to voicemail. If it rings 2-5 times that means they hit ignore. If it rings 6 times and goes to voicemail, that means they didn't hit ignore or missed the phone call.

  23. Will Mickelson

    It would be luck over skill, as you got the waves and everything else that a person really can not adjust for. For a plane that doesn't have water landing gear.

  24. Graham Johnson

    Will Mickelson

    I can agree with that. My main point was the the author's theory is completely bonkers. There is no way to land a 777 on the Indian Ocean.