Watch As A Baby Elephant Tries To Wake Sleeping Dog [Video]

Watch as the poor baby elephant tries to wake its sleeping dog friend. The elephant tries every trick in the book to get this sleeping dog to wake from his deep slumber, but after two and a half minutes, he remains unsuccessful.

This dog sleeps like a rock. First, the incessant rooster’s crowing has no effect on the slumbering pup. If that wasn’t enough, the elephant is poking, prodding, and even lifting the dog to no avail. At the one minute mark, the elephant gets a fantastic idea: scoop some dirt with his trunk and blow it in the dog’s face. Surely that will work, right? Wrong! The dog doesn’t budge.

At this point, a human gets involved and begins taunting the dog by running a long piece of grass over the dogs face and ears. The dog moves momentarily to scratch and wiggle the grass away, but still doesn’t wake up. During this time, the rooster continues to crow.

The elephant, human and rooster — try as they might — are unsuccessful at waking the pup and the elephant at around the 2:20 mark gives it one final shot. The elephant places his trunk underneath the dog and begins to lift the dog’s two front legs into the air. The elephant lifts, but the dog remains asleep.

What do you think of the elephant’s efforts to wake up his sleeping dog friend? Could you sleep if a rooster, elephant, and person with a large piece of grass were bothering you?

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