Flasher Prank Video Has Parents Angry At 'Pedophile' Flashing Kids, Then They Start Laughing

Flasher Prank Video Has Parents Angry At ‘Pedophile’ Flashing Kids, Then They Start Laughing

If a parent ever saw a stranger flashing kids then you just know that their first reaction will be to rush to their child’s defense. In this case, the flasher prank only left them laughing at the good message that was learned in the process. But some critics online believe that acting like a perverted pedophile is never funny.

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The goal behind this “flashing children prank” video is apparently designed to anger the parents by making it appear as if he’s wearing nothing but a white bath robe. The first instance shows one of the pranksters running up to a child in a playground while her mother is watching protectively. But all she says from behind is him spreading his robes.

It’s not until she takes a good swing with her purse that she finally see the prankster is fully clothed underneath the robe and is wearing one of two shirts, with one having the message “Stay In School” and the other saying “Don’t Do Drugs.” The parents seem to take the flashing prank fairly gracefully since they end in hugs.

The man in this video is not your average flasher. The Roman Atwood Pranks YouTube video channel focuses on pulling off pranks in order to garner traffic and attention. So far it’s working because this video has blown past the three million view mark.

But some comments on Reddit think their approach to pranks could get someone killed and is not funny at all:

“Thats a good way to get your a** handed to you…. I don’t have any kids but if some dude came up and did this to one of my nephews, I would have broke their damn nose, even if I did find out it was a prank. Pretending to be a pedophile is not something to joke around with. In my eyes this is a pretty f***ed up “prank”.”

Do you think it’s appropriate to pull a flasher prank that involves a fake pedophile?