Maddie Ziegler from 'Dance Moms'

‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Episode 4×22 Brings Maddie’s First Kiss, Another Candy Apple Face-Off

There is a big episode of Dance Moms airing Tuesday night on Lifetime, and fans cannot wait to tune in and see how everything plays out. Maddie Ziegler is given a big challenge by Abby Lee Miller in “Kiss or Get Off the Pot.” Will Maddie pull it off or will it be too much for her?

As the Facebook page for the show previews, Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Maddie will need to kiss Gino Cosculluela from the Candy Apples during their duet this week. Apparently Abby manages to recruit Gino from the Candy Apples to dance with Maddie in this one, and most would imagine that will cause some drama and tension between Miller and Cathy.

The piece is called “This Girl’s Just Gotta Be Kissed,” and it looks like Ziegler gets pretty flustered over the pressure of doing that kiss. There is already quite a bit of buzz about whether she should have been pressured to have her first kiss be in a dance routine with cameras rolling. However, she is said to pull it off.

Other Dance Moms spoilers from the show’s Wikia page indicate that the Abby Lee Dance Company group dance is called “Broken Dolls,” and they will be competing against Cathy and her Candy Apples group once again. The Candy Apples group dance is called “Conspiracy Flight.” Which team comes out on top in this one? It is said that the ALDC takes first place with the Candy Apples taking second.

Alyssa and Evan will do a duet called “Stars Align” against Maddie and Gino’s duet. Apparently Alyssa and Evan take first place, with Gino and Maddie taking second. What a bummer for Maddie, to go through all the drama of having her first kiss be so public and then not getting to take first place.

The new ALDC team seems to be missing from this week’s episode, which is probably going to be fine by fans. Sarah Hunt will join the main team for the group dance. Viewers will see some new faces on the Candy Apples team this week as well, it seems.

Chloe fans may face some anxiety during this week’s show. She falls during the “Broken Dolls” performance, though it may not be shown on-screen. It seems the girls do each performance twice, once for the show and once for the competition. Chloe’s fall came during a kick in one of the performances, but not necessarily the one designated for the show. It seems the fall doesn’t slow her down, though, as she has some prominent performances ahead in the next few episodes.

So far there hasn’t been much buzz about any mom drama, but fans would imagine something will pop up. It isn’t really a Dance Moms episode without some hollering coming from the moms or Abby Lee Miller. Granted, there was plenty of that in last week’s episode, but there is surely more on the way. Tune in to episode 4×22 of Dance Moms airing Tuesday, August 5 on Lifetime to see how it all goes down.

[Image via Lifetime/Scott Gries]