Khloe Kardashian Dating NBA Player and terrible poet Rashad McCants

Khloe Kardashian, famous for being a Kardashian and then being airbrushed in a naked PETA ad campaign is reportedly dating Minnesota Timberwolves basketballer Rashad McCants.

Apparently Reggie Bush, who is dating Khloe’s sister Kim Kardashian, introduced the pair. I suppose if you are going to try and compete with your sister, NBA is broadly comaprable to the NFL.

An unnamed insider has been quoted as saying: “They’re getting serious. Rashad knows that the Kardashians are incredibly close; if you date one member, you basically date them all. But he’s not worried — he loves Khloe and can’t wait to get to know the whole family better!”

Rashad McCants might look like a 6’4 meat puppet, but he obviously has a sensitive side. Check out this appallingly bad poem I found on a website assosciated with Rashd McCants.

The poem was purportedly written by McCants under the heading Writings from Rashad. There are a heap of bad poems there check it and laugh.

Given how much material Mr McCants has, I hope he sticks around for a while.

Unseen in the Dark
by Rashad McCants

Even though I emerge unseen in the dark
I still create a shadow in the brightest of days.
Sun rays on Sundays create my image.
I’m a visionary message
from the planet of perfection.
The details don’t come in emails.
There is no signal. No chemical, not digital.
Just visual.
Watch the steps of Bigfoot in little shoes.
Tippy toes his way across hot Cole.
Ice veins and cold blood. Muddy shoes and dirty gloves.
The job of perfection can be perfected only if you’re connected.
Swallow the red pill. Let me show you this world. This hole
where everything falls down.
All planes must land. All clouds must vanish. The sun sets, the sun rises…
All falls down…
Where do we start. At the top?
Whether it’s top or bottom, you build for the top only to fall to the bottom.
Everyone must fail to succeed. Everyone wants greed cause it feeds.
Everyone wants to achieve because they believe.
Hell if I fail,
I was born to prevail.
Born to raise hell.
As I sit in the heavens and watch the fall of the devil,
where I’m from the devil can’t come.
I walk on ice and sleep in snow.
Too cold for heat, too froze to speak.
Follow the path and understand the message.
Everyone that believes
will always be